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  1. Hello everyone! We are beekeepers from Ukraine. We have 70 bee colonies in the apiary. We have been engaged in beekeeping for 15 years. There are many sunflower fields around our apiary. So the main flow at the end of summer. Bees are carrying sunflower honey. We have a channel about bees in Russianhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVh...RYcx1J_UI-59awNow we created a new channel in English. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUjEZESPWJp3Q2okZKVSwYQIn our channel, we will blogging about bees and the principles of beekeeping in our locality. Subscribe to our channel! Ask questions! We are glad to
  2. Hello. Someone used wormwood tincture for the prevention and treatment of nosematosis and varroa? What do you think about using tinctures in beekeeping? In Ukraine, beekeepers often use wormwood. The ancient doctor Avicenna called wormwood "a panacea for all diseases". Wormwood is considered a poisonous plant, but all medicines are also poisonous in a certain concentration. In Ukraine, beekeepers often use wormwood tincture for the prevention and treatment of nosematosis and varroa. Tincture of wormwood has a normalizing effect on the digestive system, metabolism, eliminate
  3. Sorry, I did not think when translating the video that this word is vulgar, but I do not know how to change it to the correct one on the forum. I thought to take the word of "defecation" or "diarrhea"
  4. What do you do with manky, soured, moldy frames? Share your experience, please! For example, in Ukraine we do it next way. What to do with manky frames? What to do if honey is soured in frames? What to do with moldy frames? We will try to answer these questions. Here are the frames from the weak colonies, which were manky. These colonies remained alive, but they are very weak. They survived because there was an early flight this year. If the bees made a flight later, these colonies could die. These colonies were crapped because they were weak and ate more and overloaded their in
  5. Hello everyone!! I have made a new video abot swarming control. We used our observations and made up the stages of preparing the bees for swarming. What do you think about this control system? I hope my explanation was clear. Stages of swarmig GREEN PERIOD (no risk of swarming). 1. population increase. 2. drone production. 3. Appearance of cell Cups 4. Fatty Bees. Bees resting in clusters. Orange Period (great risk of swarming) 5. queen cells 6. reduced laying (smaller brood nest) 7. No brood (hive has not yet swarmed but could at any moment). Red Period 8. Hive has ac
  6. How do you keep frames with empty combs? How to save the frame from the wax moth? In Ukraine we do it like that Here is how we keep frames with empty combs. This method is environmentally friendly, does not require a lot of money and safe for bees and people. This method helps to kick away the wax moth and other pests. In most cases mice do not touch the frame with this substance. As fast as possible after extraction we need to sprinkle frames with empty combs with ASH. Yes we use ash, wood ash from a stove or a bonfire or ash from straw. You need to sprinkle frames with empty combs with
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