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  1. Kaihoka that is a brainwave idea for clearing bees off honey frames I will pinch it for next season
  2. When I took the honey super off before putting strips in there was plenty of room in the remaining two boxes, took the strips out today and put the feeder back on for winter but they are absolutely chocka with honey, should I take some combs out to return to them later, put a super back on, or trust that now they have filled the available space they will simmer down? there is a small patch of brood on each of two combs, surrounded by honey. The entrance is about 30mm and they are dealing very ably with wasps and robbers.
  3. How have people got on with lambs around hives? my adult sheep have been fine in a paddock with unstrapped unfenced hives, but I pick up a new ram tomorrow and will hopefully have lambs in spring, always a joy to watch them running races at the end of the day and playing who's-king-of-the-castle on any available object, but maybe not a hive?
  4. After being so calm I could swap out feeder last week without any gear, this week I have never seen them so angry - gave up and put the lid back on, a good 10 minutes of hiding in amongst the washing until I could take my beesuit off. What I have noticed is a magpie perching on the hive and hopping down for a snack, and wonder if this is what's making them so defensive. Will prop some loose manuka branches over the entrance and hope this gives them some cover. I don't want to shoot the bird but may have to.
  5. Had one land on my toast and peanut butter this morning. A really terrible year last year with wasps, is there anything I can do at this stage to try to slow them down? Beer and jam in a bottle trap?
  6. Ahah! So they can take up syrup overnight? I thought they slept! This could work, I could put food in when I come home from work and take it out in the morning before I leave. Presumably the robbers are all home tucked up in bed. I have one top bar with a round hole in it to provide access to a top feeder, which didn't work out as it didn't fit under the ridgebeam but I can have a bag in a shallow plastic tray or simply put the fondant on the top bars, yes the roof is bee proof. I have stored the few empty wax frames in the freezer in a plastic bag. Roof has polystyrene insulation. Floor is mesh with a sliding solid board beneath, I had intended to slide QD foam (which lets water through uninterrupted) into the gap once it got cold. Robbing is bees only at the moment. But feeding at night should solve it I think. Thank you both.
  7. Thank you Rob, unfortunately this time of year I am away before light and home after dark 6 days a week, but even Sunday is better than nothing.Kiwibee, yes I have tried plastic bags, I never seemed to get it right with putting holes in them, they leaked and caused robbing. How many holes would you put in say a 1 litre sandwich bag, and what would you use to make them? I had trouble hitting something that was easy for the bees but didn't leak.
  8. Thanks to all for their advice. I made fresh 2:1 syrup, dabbed it round the feeder entrance, and they caught on straight away. Unfortunately so did the wasps and everyone else's bees, despite the robbing screen, entrance reduced, and Vicks vaporub on the robbing screen. Chucked a wet sheet over, took the syrup out , things quieted down. This weekend I made fondant (messy and time consuming) as I had heard this was less prone to cause robbing but not so, my bees liked it but so did all the others. If I don't feed them I'm worried they'll starve, if I do feed them they get robbed. All I can think of to do is only feed on days the weather is so horrible that the other bees stay home, or only start feeding once weather is really cold and other bees have gone into a winter cluster. Any other suggestions?
  9. Hi Adam, have scalded the container but as it is plastic could not boil and was wary of using bleach etc even with rinsing in case I poisoned them.
  10. Thank you everyone, I will rearrange so feeder is more accessible, they did use it at first but that was when there were more bees, perhaps the ones that knew how to use it have died off, I will continue to feed, and hope for the best.
  11. Hi Chris, 4 of brood, they seem to have honey round the outside, and another 2 of stores. Yes there are 4 combs I could remove. It was a swarm captured in December, over summer was just boiling with bees, oddly they lapped up 1:1 syrup when building new comb. Maybe I should drain and rinse the feeder, perhaps the syrup has gone off? Has been a terrible summer here, things just didn't flower, they hopefully built lots of comb but never got it filled.
  12. Thanks Mike, Feeder was at one end of cluster, will try moving it.
  13. Hello all, my first and only hive, a top bar, is also very light on stores and bee population is dropping (is this normal for time of year?) but no dead bees around. They have a syrup feeder with 2:1 syrup but don't seem to be touching it. Currently treating with Bayvarol due out next week. Should I try them with dry sugar or fondant?
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