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  1. Keeping bees in the backyard

    More like @Sil29er is the Woman!!!
  2. Bee Vandals

    I think there is an important message in here somewhere... We have always been looked upon as "keepers of bees", saving the bees and all the fluffy good feelings that come with that. However, we have now grown into this massive industry with lots and lots of beekeepers, every Tom, Dick and Harry is trying the save the world or trying to make #### loads of money with bees. We are destined to get onto people's nerves and before you know it, we are not that popular anymore. I think it is very important to keep our fluffy, good feeling image to avoid these situations as much as possible.
  3. BOP Owners & Leaders

    That seems to work, I will have a play later, thanks Grant :-)
  4. BOP August/September meeting

    @ TECT park. Arrival Centre, Whataroa Road, Tauranga. We will discuss swarming and AFB checks, Certificate of Inspection and DECA. Please bring something to share for afternoon tea and a gold coin donation for the club.
  5. BOP Owners & Leaders

    Thanks @Grant. I can only invite members and edit this forum, when I chose edit this forum, it says this is not available for my account, I don't have any of the other options you show in your post.
  6. I think there is a reason for 2 queens in that hive, the hive has obviously superceded their queen but also decided to keep her alive. No brood break, everything keeps ticking along until everyone is sure the new queen is laying and doing a good job. It is a no-risk supercedure scenario in my opinion, I wouldn't mess with that. As for the progressive lenses, it is a bit like all things that can do multiple things at once, they are not really designed to do one thing particularly well. If I want to see something detailed very well I will chose a good pair of reading glasses over progressives any time. It pays to get a good pair of readers when you get to my age ;-)
  7. Apiculture conference 2017

    We could all meet at CBK on Sunday after conference if you want, it's in "eat street" so there will be lots of places to eat and drink around. @ChrisM @Dave Black @Phil46
  8. Sublimox apf plus

    Haven't had a play with both but @ChrisM hopefully gets to play with both so he can report back :-)
  9. Sublimox apf plus

    I had a look at the ProVab a couple of days ago. We could hardly get the plastic cap off, would burn your fingers if the unit was hot. After seeing both units, I have more faith in the sublimox to be fair. The sublimox is a much sturdier unit in my not so professional opinion. I am keen to get one!
  10. Sublimox apf plus

    I will bring my camera :-)
  11. Annual Disease Return

    Surely those who didn't provide them with an e-mail address will get one by mail, or does that sound like common sense?
  12. Annual Disease Return

    I filled in 2 ADR on apiweb on 06/04, no problem, easy! Today I receive e-mails for both reminding me I still have to do ADR for both. Apiweb says I've done it. I called Sheryl and left a message, have not heard a reply yet.
  13. "The importance of a DECA for Beekeepers."

    Of course this is optional, you can't make people tick that box, they may think it is none of your business, and I agree with them. What is wrong with wanting to know about breeding queens even if they are a beginner? If someone wants to read a book, do they need to consult you first to see if they aren't crossing any lines? I really like to read a book about breeding angora goats but I have no experience with angora goats at all and don't intend to get any angora goats either, am I crossing a line?
  14. NZBF Looking for a mentor

    E-mail received, you are on the list now and I just sent you a newsletter.