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  1. I've heard a rumor of a local beekeeper trying to sneak some Russian queens into the country in the lower North Island. Not sure is she was successful, but it would be a big jump to Nelson.
  2. We are located in the Manawatu and live on an 11 acre lifestyle block. We are currently running around 400 hives and are looking to extend this to around 1000 next season. At the rear of our property we run just over 100 hives in close proximity to the city, and are looking to build a 400 m2 size shed and extraction facility within 50 m of our apiary. Just wondered if anyone had some advice for us; as I had been told that we should try and keep our extraction away from our yard and on another property? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I'm a starter for 100 poly nucs if anyone's interested?
  4. I'm in the Manawatu and it has been very mild this winter. Just checked my hives and plenty of pollen coming in. I want to try and manage my hives this year as single brrod boxes and wondered when everyone is looking to put their miticide strips in - should I be looking to do it soon for 8 weeks?
  5. Thank you everyone. Have been waxing my own (by roller) and will continue to do so after reading feedback. Buying wax in from a reliable source.
  6. Hi all. new here so bear with me. I'm a hobbyist that is looking to expand. looking to buy a couple of pallets of plastic frames but unsure which way to go. 2 options is to buy pre-waxed frames from Ecroteck or Ceracell or to buy the blank frames and wax myself - buying the wax in from a reputable beekeeper. Here is my dilemma - I've never had AFB and want to minimize the risk, so my question is am I more at risk of contracting AFB from buying pre-waxed frames (from wax that came from who knows where?); or waxing myself from a credible source?
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