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  1. You could send some rain up North ?️ Cats do arch their backs ?
  2. Fortunately I don't have any books in my beekeeping vehicle to give the game away ? If wonder if he ever met any who fell into both categories ?
  3. I better not say what comes out of my mouth when one of my girls sticks her backside into me ? By 'girls' I mean workers bees ?
  4. Nevertheless, there's human's there now and they need water. I suppose mass migration and/or genocide might reduce the need for that water, but then we come up against ethics and morals, don't we? Quite a quandary (or not) for the eco-fascists. Anyway this isn't bee-related so I better shut up now.?
  5. Now to compare Trump to Hitler is quite a stretch, even though Trump isn't my favourite guy around, and you're talking about rhetoric rather than just the person. Did the German press from 1933-1945 critique Hitler like the American press have the freedom to critique Trump nowadays? No, because otherwise Hitler would have had them suppressed, thrown into prison, killed. However much one detests Trump, one cannot, I repeat, cannot equate him with Hitler. I agree change is good, Gino. And not all business hate change, in fact most long-term successful businesses embrace, or h
  6. I have an idea: irrigate the Australian desert and plant it up in trees. It would be like another pair of lungs additional to the Amazon. There's plenty of water that falls as rain in the north of Oz and on the Eastern coast that goes straight out to sea and never touches the inland expanse. I.e.: it's wasted. Except in really rainy monsoon seasons when the water overflows up north and heads down the middle down to Lake Eyre. Unfortunately I can't see this happening, as it would require damming water and redirecting it, also changing habitats for some animals. Therefore there would
  7. I find it's easier to just poach oneself in wine ??
  8. Thanks Goran for making the connection between my ramblings and beekeeping ? What sort of still do you use? I'm guessing a pot still if you get the fruit aroma coming through?
  9. Well yes they did, but I think methanol (wood alcohol, which is highly toxic) was used more commonly to bulk up the brew. The consumption of methanol led to people becoming literally 'blind drunk' - they would lose their eyesight. This is where the fable comes from about how drinking pure alcohol (100% ethanol) will make you go blind - it will not. However, 100% ethanol can make you drunk very quickly and over-consumption would lead to severe intoxication and possibly death. So I guess if you died you would be blind ? Yes, alcohol is a dangerous drug, but not near as addictive in sm
  10. But more ice = less sea level rise. ? If you don't mind, I will stay fully clothed ? It was madness to ban it. Prohibition in the US only lasted about 13 years, because it resulted in more people getting slammed than before - and on antifreeze rather than proper Glenfiddich. Good on ya Trevor Not necessarily - what if economic growth (GDP) actually uses less resources? https://www.spectator.co.uk/2019/12/weve-just-had-the-best-decade-in-human-history-seriously/?fbclid=IwAR3Y8doVDp9xIXnreoVW_-ZPrUlMAiCZP-56omRveRvBqN1LbOXAsQAjRSE
  11. Sorry, yes I just thought that jellybush was the colloquial name for L. scoparium in Australia. Turns out not to be the case. However, they do have L. scoparium in Australia, and it is a native there, it is not endemic to NZ. So technically their scoparium honey is probably just as good as ours in terms of health benefits. However....ss manuka is a Te Reo Maori, not and Aboriginal word, why should they be allowed to sell their honey as manuka, cashing in on our brand? ?
  12. Manuka is Leptospermum scoparium. As is jelly bush in Oz. I think Kanuka is Kunzea ericioides from memory. ?? Sorry @yesbut, I see you got corrected well and truly earlier on ? I'm slightly pedantic sorry. ?
  13. I think the 'chemicals they add' is saltpetre - potassium nitrate which is also used in fireworks. ? So apart from the smoke tarring up your lungs and the addictiveness of the nicotine, you are inhaling some pretty hot stuff! I can remember reading somewhere that they don't fill up their honey stomachs to abscond; they simply retreat into the farthest niche of their colonial cavity (whether cave or tree) and wait until the fire passes over them. Then they come out and begin their nest again - the previous combs having supposedly melted. Has always seemed a little fanciful to me,
  14. You never get any repeat customers though ?
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