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  1. December 2017 Beekeeping Diary

    Hi @tommy dave Sorry for the late reply - we do a 3/4 Depth version: https://www.ecrotek.co.nz/product/rtg-3-4d-beehive-box-stk-foundation The reason this isn't on special is because we currently have very limited quantities in Auckland and Christchurch. We have more stock of the 3/4 Depth RTGs with Waxed Plastic Frames, and with Ultimate Frames: https://www.ecrotek.co.nz/products/beekeeping-kits-rtg-boxes?priceFrom=0&priceTo=10000&keyword=&pageNum=1
  2. New frames from Ecrotek

    Hi @flash4cash, thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately this is the maximum depth we could achieve without causing production issues.
  3. New frames from Ecrotek

    Hey @Jamo, they're not currently available in 3/4 Depth. Dependent on this season's demand we may have them available for next year (2019 Honey season).
  4. New frames from Ecrotek

    Hey guys! Here to answer any questions you may have on our new HoneyMax frames
  5. supplier: Product Questions / Help / Feedback

    Hi @tommy dave The HoneyMax frames are the same as drone frames and pricing is the same for that reason We found them to be very beneficial when used in honey boxes, and the pink colouring is for easy recognition.
  6. supplier: MAQS+ Supply

    Hi @Phil46 Yep - MAQS+ has arrived in Auckland, and available to collect in Auckland now, and Christchurch from Friday!
  7. supplier: Product Questions / Help / Feedback

    Hi @Alastair No problem - please let us know how you get on
  8. supplier: Product Questions / Help / Feedback

    Hi Alastair, no worries - If you could courier them to 15E Kerwyn Avenue, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013 that would be great. If you attention them to Adam Rundle he'll be able to look after you from here - if you flick me a pm, I'm happy to give you his email etc for you to contact him if you'd like
  9. supplier: Product Questions / Help / Feedback

    Hi @Alastair, Thanks for taking the time to leave a message and feedback. This is certainly something we have never heard before and given the amount of 30g waxed frames we have sold, it is a real surprise that you are having this issue. We will certainly try and work with you to help out but I am afraid I do not have any immediate solutions – as this is the first time we have heard of this happening. Given you are in Auckland, if you could please bring the frames you have into our showroom, we will take a really good look and smell to ensure they are exactly as they should be. The smell is also difficult to understand so to have them on hand would be a great help. All our frames are sprayed with 100% NZ cappings beeswax, so their is no reason for them to smell like anything else. Is there a day in the coming weeks that you could come in to show us?
  10. supplier: Product Questions / Help / Feedback

    Hi @tommy dave, The bee space queen excluder should be placed with the bee space on the bottom. The benefit in this is that the bees will not have to move through 1 or 2 full brood boxes during the flow, but I agree, they will not have quite as much benefit as with the gated plastic rimmed queen excluder, where they also bypass the excluder. We’d like to have all options available for Beekeepers but the reality of tooling costs mean that there are limitations, and having the entrance on top is currently not possible with how we manufacture. Also, sorry everyone if I'm taking slightly longer than usual to reply - I don't seem to be getting email notifications at the moment.
  11. Technosetbee Queen Excluder with top entry

    Removed that bullet point in both descriptions - someone very silly must have done that (me...)!
  12. supplier: MAQS+ Supply

    Hi @Phil46 MAQS+ will be with us Mid-Late November. Regards, Lucy
  13. supplier: Product Questions / Help / Feedback

    Hi Aquila, It's not the actual printer, it's to do with the internet transfer speed, and cabling in Christchurch. As mentioned we're looking into the issues as top priority with the shop refit Lucy
  14. Bayvarol Supply

    An update from Bayer: Good news Bayvarol.pdf
  15. supplier: Product Questions / Help / Feedback

    Hi @GoDamit, Our Christchurch shop is about to be renovated, so you'll hopefully see some layout changes soon. I've just spoken to our Branch Manager in Christchurch, Melissa, about the transaction time, she says: "While the POS system we now use is a lot faster than the old system, the printer is incredibly slow (up to 2 mins sometimes). We are currently looking into what we can do to resolve this. I suspect new data cables may help and this would be addressed as part of the shop reno. There are delays in the sale transactions when we have 3 or 4 customers in at once – which is escalated because of the printer issue. As for the stock outages – I’m reasonably confident that 90% of the time it will stock that is outside our control. The slow printing issue will be given top priority as i’m sure this will be the complaint comes from." As you can see we are addressing these issues as a top priority, but please let me know if there's anything further I can help you with Lucy