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  1. Hi @Laxin134 This might help: we have Propolis Mats with holes pre-produced here: https://ecrotek.co.nz/product/propolis-mat-feeder-hole Thanks!
  2. Hi @Beat, The baffles don’t restrict mixing as internal hoses spread the flow in the tank. It does mix 2:1 but not with cold water. The temperature must be 20 degrees or above for sugar to completely dissolve at this ratio. If you want to mix 2:1, you’ll need hot water, and it needs to hot enough to finish at 20 degrees – noting that cool sugar will bring down the overall temperature. Generally full heat from your house tank at max temperature will be sufficient.
  3. Hi @Julian_Taverner, just to let you know our frames are sprayed with 100% beeswax that is melted at very high temperatures and sprayed directly on
  4. Hi @MackAp, MAQS recommend removing the queen excluder prior to treatment in case the bees try to move upwards away from the MAQS and leave the queen behind. However, your feedback is valuable and i'll pass this on to the product team to look into some options
  5. Hey @MackAp, I just heard they're actually all galvanised, sorry for the confusion.
  6. Hey @MackAp, all our excluder grids are stainless steel (We have one type with a galvanised rim, but the grid is still stainless steel). As for what has caused this, the formic acid in MAQS can cause rust. As @john berry mentions, your best solution for this is a plastic excluder
  7. Hi @Kiwifruiter, as you mention, the bee saver in each corner allows bees to feed if on a tilt
  8. Thanks for the feedback @tom sayn, we think the new design is a winner too! As you’ve highlighted above, we have no intention of dropping wooden frames, boxes or feeder rims. There will always be options for those who prefer to use wooden components in their hives
  9. Introducing our NEW One Piece Top Feeder: https://www.ecrotek.co.nz/product/hive-doctor-one-piece-12l-top-feeder
  10. Hey @frazzledfozzle Quality control is implemented both during production and when stock is received. We do check for defects and molding errors of stock. Testing is done of a representative sample for every batch.
  11. Hi @Lindaloo26 , they're currently exactly the same price
  12. Hi @Alastair, Sorry it look so long to reply - I didn't get a notification! I think that's a similar theory to the added queen excluder on the side of the cage, which has an optional break out bar that allows for the attendants to pass in and out of the cage while the queen is still confined. Or am I mis-understanding?
  13. Hi, @frazzledfozzle a couple more benefits: Our new cage has side venting. This isn’t to be understated as many queens have been lost or hindered by cage placement that blocks the front and back venting. We have also added a queen excluder to one side of the cage, this is an optional break out bar that allows for the attendants to pass in and out of the cage while the queen is still confined. The clips are improved to mean that if you don’t fully close the cage it is less likely to spring open
  14. Hi @frazzledfozzle, thanks for your comment - yep, they're very similar cages
  15. Hi Everyone! If you've received The Beekeeper you should have got our latest catalogue - a few new products in there, amongst those is the new Beetek One Piece Queen Cage! Please see the information below, and here's the link to the product page: www.ecrotek.co.nz/product/beetek-ultimate-one-piece-clear-queen-cage Feel free to ask any questions you may have
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