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  1. Bayvarol Supply

    An update from Bayer: Good news Bayvarol.pdf
  2. supplier: Product Questions / Help / Feedback

    Hi @GoDamit, Our Christchurch shop is about to be renovated, so you'll hopefully see some layout changes soon. I've just spoken to our Branch Manager in Christchurch, Melissa, about the transaction time, she says: "While the POS system we now use is a lot faster than the old system, the printer is incredibly slow (up to 2 mins sometimes). We are currently looking into what we can do to resolve this. I suspect new data cables may help and this would be addressed as part of the shop reno. There are delays in the sale transactions when we have 3 or 4 customers in at once – which is escalated because of the printer issue. As for the stock outages – I’m reasonably confident that 90% of the time it will stock that is outside our control. The slow printing issue will be given top priority as i’m sure this will be the complaint comes from." As you can see we are addressing these issues as a top priority, but please let me know if there's anything further I can help you with Lucy
  3. Beautiful weather, bad day.

    MAQS+ will be available early November, all going well. The product is currently being used in International markets, but there have been no New Zealand trials as far as I'm aware. The formulation is only very slightly altered to extend the lifespan of the product, so there should be very little difference when using MAQS+
  4. Bayvarol

    Hi everyone, We have spoken to the team at Bayer and they are just waiting on their NZBees account to be approved, so they are able to update you on the situation. Regards, Lucy
  5. Bayvarol

    Hi @tom sayn We moved as fast as practically possible to inform our customers. Upon hearing from Bayer we assessed our inventories, explored other supply options and contingencies, and once we had the full picture we communicated with customers. You can expect regular communications from us throughout the shortage and once supply is restored.There is a small amount of remaining stock (unless it sold out yesterday) but you will need to call customer services. It sounds like something strange happened with your order so I will ask someone to give you a call this morning.
  6. Bayvarol

    Hi @Ali Any stock in New Zealand is fit for purpose. It is 4 shipments that were destined for New Zealand that have been stopped due to their rigorous testing in Germany.
  7. Bayvarol

    Hi Oma, The Bayvarol strips destined for New Zealand were stopped in Germany in the rigorous quality control there. All strips in New Zealand are completely on specification, and are fit for purpose.
  8. Bayvarol

    Hi @Alastair All we know is that the batches of Bayvarol Strips destined for New Zealand failed Bayer’s stringent quality release standards, leaving New Zealand with a shortage of the product. The exact issue we are unsure of, but similarly to Apivar that you mention, Bayvarol has ongoing strict quality control procedures in place, which enables them to identify any potential risks or issues at the point of manufacturing, before products reach the market.
  9. Bayvarol

    Hi @jamesc, Just to reiterate that the supply we have is 100% fine. The shortage is linked to a production issue at the Bayer site in Germany where Bayvarol is manufactured. Bayer’s strict quality control procedures have picked up a test failure that could potentially affect efficacy and residue levels. As a precaution, supply has been put on hold until the issue is resolved.
  10. Bayvarol Supply

    Hi All, Please see attached a communication from our supplier Bayer in relation to supply of Bayvarol. Thanks, The Ecrotek Team
  11. supplier: Product Questions / Help / Feedback

    Hi Tony, Unfortunately we still haven't heard any updates from NOD, so I would suggest we won't be receiving product September. There aren't currently any plans to supply standard MAQs, but may look into it if approval for MAQs+ isn't looking good.
  12. New Product 550L Sugar Dispenser and Mixer/Dispenser Tanks

    Hi I've spoken to the team, and have some answers for you: @tommy dave We had considered putting heating into the unit but cost/compliance/safety made it prohibitive. I find in autumn and spring by using hot water when I start, that I can get sugar into solution at 2:1 concentration. It needs to be at 20 degrees or hotter (after sugar added) to completely dissolve at this concentration. @Jamo Happy to get feedback on this. The feet are probably a bit larger than they look on the site – 100mm x 50mm. It hasn’t been an issue on the trucks the units have been on but if it is a concern, or the deck is not solid enough, the unit could sit on a larger bearer. There are screw holes in the bottom of the feet for fixing.
  13. The Ecrotek Mixer / Dispenser is a tall baffled tank with a small footprint, designed to fit compactly on the back of a truck or ute, making feeding out fast and efficient. The unit is specifically designed for dissolving solid sugar into water at the concentration you need. Baffling in the tank makes liquid more stable in transit. Powerful Honda GX160 2-inch pump and 20m ¾ inch hose which provide rapid filling of feeders. Specifically designed to fit onto most ute decks Strong galvanised frame/skid for use with forklifts Convenient dispensing nozzle Internal tank baffles to reduce liquid movement during transport Dimensions 1790mm(L) x 640mm (W) x 1150mm (H) The two tanks are available here: http://www.ecrotek.co.nz/catalogsearch/result/?q=550L Feel free to ask any questions
  14. supplier: Product Questions / Help / Feedback

    Hi @beefree, Firstly this is very valuable feedback and something that we clearly need to get right. I’ve had a discussion with the team and we recognise your frustrations. We have recently installed a new stock management system that gives us better visibility on stock and its location, which ultimately will enable us to get the right product to the right location. We actually do have a freight subsidy on items that should be available in Christchurch but are shipped from Auckland so it was disappointing to hear that you were charged freight on stock from Auckland that should have been available in Christchurch. If you message me your order details or name, I can have a look and credit you back the difference you were charged. We’re keen to see improvements in this area because we do like to keep our customers happy, our South Island customers are just as important to us and we have no intention of forgetting you. 😊 Thanks again Lucy
  15. supplier: Product Questions / Help / Feedback

    It has a 24 month shelf life