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  1. Haha. Yeah wondering if it's worth all the effort....see what happens after this season.
  2. I still haven’t made anything from bee keeping....It's just costing me a lot of cash.
  3. Hi. The trip was a great success! I got the first lot loaded up with the help of my parents and my trolley. Then the second lot my mate helped me lift them on (way faster). Then I hit the road. I left some of them open and a couple closed (hive doctor bases). It didn’t seem like I lost many bees. As it was relatively cool and drizzling before I left, which kept most of them inside. I didn’t stop until it got dark. My mate following me in the support vehicle only had half a dozen bees hit his windscreen. (We also had radio’s to communicate). Once arriving at midnight we
  4. Roger that. Going to start loading up now. Still cold and rainy here.
  5. Quick question. If the weather improves whist I'm traveling that's not an issue once I'm on the move right?
  6. Awesome! Thanks for the advice. Will save me driving at night...I wasn't looking forward to the long night.
  7. Hi. Can I drive through the day if it's drizzling and the bees aren't flying? Only 11 degrees here at the moment. Thought it would save me doing it at night. Or is moving bees only a night time thing? Cheers.
  8. Another question. I have a canopy on my Ranger that I was going to take off for the 5 hives I'm putting on the back. Would there be overheating issues if I left the canopy on? It has a front window that can open up against the cab for some ventilation. Cheers again.
  9. Haha, nope. No toes being stood on where I'm going. I made sure of that.
  10. Nice. Awesome advice all. I'll definitely individually strap each hive along with a big tiedown over the top. Going to be a long drive. Any other tips??
  11. Another question I forgot to ask. What gap do you leave between each row of hives? Can they be hard up against each other? Or should I leave a small gap for airflow? Be nice if I was only going 4km!
  12. Ok. My trailer has a front board I can put on. So that should solve the issue.
  13. Another question...Apart from it being a bit slippery when loading the hives.. Any issues with loading them up if there’s a bit of rain around?
  14. Yeah hopefully I am. I’m getting a bit nervous taking them all that way. But I guess if you want to get ahead and try make some money.....
  15. Ok, cool. Good call on the extra fuel. I'll throw in my 20L container of diesel. Hopefully a full tank will get me there. I won't be going very fast. Ok, I've got a big roll of wind break I can use to cover the hives. I will feel better about not blocking up the entrances. My hives are on two sites. About 15mins away from each other. So I'll have to stop for as long as it takes to load up the other half of my hives. Then I'll hit the road.
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