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  1. How close would you need to get to work if the arm is not extendable?
  2. What to look for in a crane? Does the arm need to be hydrolic extendable? Just toying with the idea
  3. Just did my first check for the spring, only lost 1, everybody else is looking pretty good.
  4. It's worth while playing with the practice pen to get in your head exactly what to do. When the time comes you will kick into automatic and do it just as you practiced.
  5. Opened some lids today, just because I wanted to know who is still alive. Just a quick snapshot. Didn't pull any frames, just lifted some bases to gauge the weight. Was pleasantly surprised by the amount of pollen coming in.
  6. I don't know if any body noticed, just in case you missed it, it's cold and miserable
  7. I have not used the plastic ones before, are they any good?
  8. The online pharmacy is the cheapest we could get one, was 120 of memory. Our pharmacy in town said they can't even buy it for that, so we bought it online
  9. Don't forget to add the value of the import tax, you might bee surprised at what it does to the end figure.
  10. Anybody have a busy winter schedule, or do you only star worry about next season in July/August
  11. Yes, but what about the dog??
  12. I think you either have to keep it real simple or go all out and pretty much barcode everything
  13. Would you add the value of the bees to your stock? The likes of cattle and sheep have a set value from the IRD. It is way under what market value is for them but that is the set value. If you are a retailer you show stock on hand at cost. Should we show a hive at cost? When you through out that old frame, is it stock or consumables?
  14. My first year with hives on the accounts. What do your accounts value a hive at. What do you book as assets and what is consumables? Thanks
  15. @john berry would have loved a few pictures.
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