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  1. Where are you if your near Auckland I have a demo one you can try out
  2. The temp I have found stays low due to the water content in the oxalic acid as long as you load and vape strait away It's easy to see if the temp is no longer working as the colour and the quantity of vapour coming out changes.
  3. Ok so i dont post here much but i have done lots of reading over the years . during this covid break i had no work for a long period of time so had some time up my sleeve. over the last few years ive developed a vaporiser for treating my bees here in new zealand i got sick of using a wand as it took to long so developed a quick blow in system out of junk in my garage and a couple of parts from china. i re built it a few times during covid. Then i decided to make 10 stainless steel units to sell to help make ends meet due to not having a job. so here they are im hoping to sell them to people in the auckland end of nz so i can get feedback and discuss the operation of them. If they work well i am thinking of setting up making them more often but need to see feedback first. im looking at selling them for 800 each as they where quite a bit of work to make but they are fast treating the bees. and oxalic acid is cheap so i feel there worth it. I had a friend who was using one of my older versions on his commercial operation (who wants to remain anonymous) and found that during the warmer months he would just use it to treat each apiary just after he worked it as a extra boost in conjunction with his strips and then he would do a full 3 hit treatment during mid winter and found that it helped keep the varroa down. I only have 10 hives and i have never used strips in any of my hives, not for any major reason i just started with the vaporiser and haven't felt the strips where necessary. here are picture's of the unit and a video showing its operation Accidentally i did leave out of the video the cleaning process. All i do to clean it is to poor water down into the chamber which melts any bits stuck inside and then poor it back out again. This also has the benefit of cooling down the device before putting it in the truck to go to the next spot.
  4. I've spent a bit of time looking into the vm vaporizer and I believe i can build one without to much trouble (I've done a bit with electronics and pneumatics before) have started down the path of ordering sample parts from china to build one and just wondered if I got it working is it the type of thing people would rent instead of buy. Also would it be worth putting a adjustible timer into it to set the number of seconds it would fire for then it would create the correct dose each time
  5. Shame magic is off the cards though I like magic
  6. Yea nice I have just herd that the other hives had a rough up the land owner threw them out on the side of the road so makes sense now and good point could have been 2 queens non the less my gain thaught I that nuc would fail but she seems to be laying well so I'm stoked
  7. Yea I wondered that at first though the other hive was about 4k away and that queen wasn't painted either
  8. Has anyone had this before I had a queenless nuke that I added a queen cell to which hatched and I left her to mate and start laying but when I cracked it open a few weeks later I found eggs on one frame so I thaught id search for the queen but when I found her she had a white paint spot on her back so not my new queen and I'm not sure where she came from
  9. Good to know I will change that then thanks
  10. Yea like the jenter system I put graft as the day the cups are transfered to frames Also when I decide to do it as a graft instead then the rest of the timing fits Sort of a one chart fits both thing I'm thinking I should put the queen in on day 2 instead of 3 is that right
  11. Yea similar concept but the cups she lays in are removable
  12. Something like a nicot system is what I was thinking I ordered a knock off one from ebay which I'm keen to use but up till know I've just grafted with a Chinese grafting tool
  13. hi I've just written up a queen rearing calendar to print as well so i can remember which days im suposed to do what. just wondered if someone could look over it and let me know if I've got anything in the wrong day etc Tableforqueenrearing.pdf Tableforqueenrearing.pdf
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