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  1. My 4 Nucs have over wintered well, as I had them sheltered in my shadehouse, without a roof! I recovered the frame with commercial quality plastic and it works great. My 5th Nuc was in the garden but was struggling from the start. I fed it with the others on 3rd Aug and it looked encouraging but on returning 7 days later there was 1 bee and 4 frames completely cleared out! No dead material but a little nectar. I think they must have been robbed but I do wonder if it was queenless over winter? I am still treating my 2 hives and Nucs with OA, with 3 treatments to go in this cycle.
  2. Very quiet here on the landing pad, but they certainly made up for it yesterday! Lots of nectar coming . Have fed my 4 nucs but wont feed my other 2 hives until Sept as there's plenty of pollen and nectar stores and capped brood.
  3. As a newbie on this site and a beginner beek, I thank you all for your opinions and advice, it certainly has been helpful, but I had to share a recent exercise in inquiring on Alibaba, about the quality of Chinese beeswax and was horrified to find out that they guarantee their beeswax is 80% pure!!! That says it all, for me....no mention of the other 20%!!
  4. Thanks Rob....a great site. Feeling a lot more confident about my 'girls!'.:bee::bee:
  5. I've had this problem hen dissolving on an element but has completely disappeared after using 2.1 sugar and boiling water, beat until dissolved. I think if the sugar syrup is overheated, it will crystallize. I will try the straw too. Thanks for the idea.:whistle:
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