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  1. Hi Hihi I wondered if you had found a food verifier in the Auckland region who was reasonable ? Ron
  2. Hi, so this is has been modified for kiwi conditions any up in the north island we could see ? thanks
  3. ok keen to find a way through this as well I've asked MPI what I need from my supplier to legally sell honey so will be interesting what they say ... if you think about it shops sell honey only they don't produce it but they insist that who they buy it off has all the appropriate paperwork.
  4. It might just be a case of positioning things a bit differently to keep everyone happy I would have thought its possible for your friend to do the extraction / jar the honey etc as they run a licenced commercial kitchen presumably doing higher risk things than honey... and they are already authorised to do this sort of work (and do it properly as far as the govt's concerned). You just need to go along and "help a lot" under his guidance ? he could charge you a notional fee for processing the honey in his kitchen, then all you are doing is selling the honey only (you have not e
  5. Ill be interested in how you get on Steve in June
  6. thanks Alastair good to know ... guess you need flat sites
  7. I would be interested Steve, do you know how long it runs for before it needs recharging ? is it the latest model they have out ? thanks
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