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  1. Hi, I like to check swarms after about 10days i like to give them time to settle in. On the first inspection i do all the usual checks then look for the queen

    and mark her. If no eggs are present i will check in another 3 weeks.   

  2. 3 hours ago, glynn said:

    Hi you are more than welcome to come out home look up kirwee bees on Facebook


    19 hours ago, Jeroen Smit said:



    Hello Pinnacle, Mark K and Mummzie , thanks for the "Likes".

    I'm just wondering (being outright New/Rookie/Novice here) if I missed any of your posts? Or does this mean that you want to get in touch? And than: How?






    Hi Jeroen, happy to show you around, check out Harington Point Honey on Facebook.  

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  3. 12 hours ago, Bighands said:

    Was that after an aerial drop or hand baited?

    16 hours ago, nikki watts said:

    That’s quite a difference.  If it was a one off I could be convinced. However I still have to question if reinfestation means poison gets used regularly though. 

    Tree Fuchsia are deciduous down here in the South, wonder when these shots were taken and what time of the year. 

    12 hours ago, Bighands said:

    Was that after an aerial drop or hand baited?


  4. 5 minutes ago, Bighands said:

    Wow,You people are good.I hope you realise it could be from a New Zealand supplier who packs for Y.S.using their label. I know who used to supply them but do not think he would put an American labelled honey on the shelf.In 2013 when I was exporting to the USA I saw the brand on a shelf in a Christchurch store.I knew who had put it there.When I confronted him he told me he had no labels of his own so used the USA label without asking permission of the label owners,that is the USA customer.

    There were a couple of questions on the website ab.out where the honey was from USA and Canada was the answer. The plot thickens

  5. 2 hours ago, Markypoo said:

    What is your technique/timings? If I only have a couple of hives it is no issue to do a cycle every few weeks.


    Ok first thing i do is block off the sides of the hive so vapor can't escape. Then i put 1gm of OA in vaporiser insert into hive,. block off front entrance.

    Hook up to battery and leave on for 2min 30sec. Then switch off and leave vaporiser in hive for 10min, i still keep front entrance and side's covered.

    If i have a high mite load i treat once a week for 4 weeks, so if i treat Sat, then i treat again on the following Sat. After treatment is over will wait 2 weeks and

    then do a 1 off treatment to see how the mite level is. And then retreat if i have to. I also treat later on in the evening around 7pm more bees in the hive then.

    I use 1gm of OA for 2 3/4 brood boxes. I also use inspection trays and count mite drop every couple of days. Hope this helps.

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  6. 15 hours ago, Markypoo said:

    Means I don't have to open the hive up. Lord knows I hate doing that.



    15 hours ago, Markypoo said:

    I am doing a round of oxalic acid vapor at 5 day intervals starting tomorrow. Did a trial run last week and realised that the proximity of the plastic base to the vaporiser could be an issue so did an adjustment to the hive.

    Still have to get round to reading up on glycerine and oxalic acid, but am thinking vaporisation may be my major method. Though my mind can be changed on that if someone out there knows better...


    Hi, I have been using the OA vaporiser for a year now with good results. Had all wooden bases at the start, and have now gone to using the new hive doctor plastic ones.

    Money well spent. Trevor Gillbanks has a youtube vid on them explains everything. 

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  7. On 1/8/2018 at 6:55 PM, Over Worker said:

    I've started doing a round of OA whether they need it or not, Oxalic acid saved the hives on two sites in spring so the mites are going to get a dose from now on.


    Another vaporizer will be really handy and will speed up the process...plastic floors might get changed out at some stage finding them a bit difficult compared to the wood ones especially when Wifes helping, having to prize up box off floor to insert  vapouriser not easy at times.

    Hive Doctor make a new plastic floor now. They are excellent, the OA vaporizer just slides straight in. No lifting boxes. Trevor Gillbanks  tells you all about it in one of his videos.

    That's all i buy now.  

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  8. how does the risk change if you do 1 hive or 100 hives? I think the average person would be more likely to take proper precautions and use a mask of the correct type designed for organic acids if doing 100. "getting away with it" implies that you are doing something you shouldn't or taking some unnecessary risk. In that case you should not even do one hive.

    I use OA on my hives I use proper safety gear mask, and gloves if you follow the proper safety precautions

    i can't see it being a problem.

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