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  1. Hi, I like to check swarms after about 10days i like to give them time to settle in. On the first inspection i do all the usual checks then look for the queen and mark her. If no eggs are present i will check in another 3 weeks.
  2. The client pays the agencey when they find you a wife. The doco was on Vice land.
  3. Hi Jeroen, happy to show you around, check out Harington Point Honey on Facebook.
  4. Bee's are all over the Hawthorn down here, cabbage trees aren't far away. And the Blue gums are starting to flower.
  5. I agree it is very clever marketing, good on them. Saw a doco on TV the other night about a dating agency wich they charge you US $500,000 to find you a wife!
  6. Tree Fuchsia are deciduous down here in the South, wonder when these shots were taken and what time of the year.
  7. There were a couple of questions on the website ab.out where the honey was from USA and Canada was the answer. The plot thickens
  8. What caught my eye was the horrible looking label, thought it looked like a jar of peanut butter.
  9. I think your right, if we don't want it delivered we can pop in and pick it up.
  10. Hi all, found this listing on Trademe tonight. I thought it was illegal to import honey into Nz from another country. I checked out their website and the honey is either from the USA or Canada.
  11. Hi i'm after some advice on the hive doctor inspection trays can we leave them in over winter.
  12. Have emailed the seller, asked if they had a 100 jars. the reply was yes we do but wouldn't be ready until next week they have to put the labels on. Or i can have them without the labels.
  13. Yip i have to agree cheap as label not even on straight. I like the comment at the end i have many jars. I bet you do matey. I'm going to drop this seller an email to see how many they have.
  14. I buy virgin queens, i made 4 nucs and requeened 3 hives this season. All the queens mated, i used to check at 16 days but now check at 21 days just to give the queens a bit more time to start laying. When i decide to make splits or re queen i try and make sure i have at least 4 days of settled weather to give the queen the best chance at being mated. So far so good.
  15. They are probably foraging off the dandilions as well.
  16. Ok first thing i do is block off the sides of the hive so vapor can't escape. Then i put 1gm of OA in vaporiser insert into hive,. block off front entrance. Hook up to battery and leave on for 2min 30sec. Then switch off and leave vaporiser in hive for 10min, i still keep front entrance and side's covered. If i have a high mite load i treat once a week for 4 weeks, so if i treat Sat, then i treat again on the following Sat. After treatment is over will wait 2 weeks and then do a 1 off treatment to see how the mite level is. And then retreat if i have to. I also treat later on in the evening around 7pm more bees in the hive then. I use 1gm of OA for 2 3/4 brood boxes. I also use inspection trays and count mite drop every couple of days. Hope this helps.
  17. Hi, I have been using the OA vaporiser for a year now with good results. Had all wooden bases at the start, and have now gone to using the new hive doctor plastic ones. Money well spent. Trevor Gillbanks has a youtube vid on them explains everything.
  18. Hive Doctor make a new plastic floor now. They are excellent, the OA vaporizer just slides straight in. No lifting boxes. Trevor Gillbanks tells you all about it in one of his videos. That's all i buy now.
  19. Yes it should do just don't cut it too short. I have found that after a bit of rain and then the sun comes out the bees are back into it big time. Bumble bees seem to work it first thing in the morning, and then once it gets a bit warmer the bees will join in.
  20. I use the Queen catcher for marking my Queens. The first couple of times i was all fingers and thumbs, after that easy as. Also it's somewhere safe for the Queen to be while I'm checking brood etc. And the dot of paint has time to dry.
  21. Hi Dennis, Kiwimana in Nz have one.
  22. I use OA on my hives I use proper safety gear mask, and gloves if you follow the proper safety precautions i can't see it being a problem.
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