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  1. Thanks for that. I will download and return ASAP, wish the nice man that called me in May and said the same! GRrrr. Thanks again : )
  2. ADR return...threat of conviction from a letter received today! Hi all. I had one new hive last year, that I lost to AFB in October 2012. So destroyed per regs, and filed all paper work filed with Asure within specified timeframe. Filed a nil ADR return after this. I then purchased a new hive, already inspected on 24th of November, thinking the next ADR return/inspection would be Aug-Nov 2013. Was then phoned in March for not returning my ADR. So re-explained the situation, which I thought was accepted in that conservation, done I thought, again. Have just received a letter today re
  3. Awesome pics Alastair, many thanks for posting these!
  4. Interesting, please let us know about mite counts.
  5. Good posts. Re wild bees, anyone know if some have started to come back yet? I guess there is a chance the strongest will survive/adapt to varroa and re populate?
  6. 1. Anyone here done this and recommend migrating away from foundation (or not)? 2. Any / noticeable hive health improvements and / or to the quality /quantity of the honey? I have read that a popsicle stick, within a wired frame between top and bottom bar, is all that is needed... then this modified frame is placed in between two already drawn combs. I assume best time to do this is during the honey flow. 3. Any other suggestions / warnings for migrating frames from foundation to foundation less? Cheers
  7. Thanks for that. May try both. Will insulate top of hive mat and top of lid, open the hole in the hive mat and add above a cut down honey super with some vent holes (with wire mesh). May also then add a top entrance so bees going up get a small exit hole. Can later close hole in Hive mat and just do the insulation thing as a comparison. I will be using a hive doc floor/stand so bottom ventilation will not be an issue. Be interesting to know if there is any material difference to moisture evac. out side the hive using only insulation and bottom vent, or from opening a top vent. I und
  8. Google "ventilated bee hives" and you get alot of info. Mostly in support of adding a vent box to the top of the hive. More honey and healthier bees is the reported result. Logic is that by expelling the water vapour from drying off honey the hive is dryer quicker, freeing bees up to do more productive jobs, also less health issues as not so humid and moist inside. Question: who has tried making / using a vent box? What conclusions drawn or lesson learned? Cheers. J9
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