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  1. we will just all hve to hold weekly honey parties ,gold coin donation
  2. same here fed them one sunny day in glass top hive,shut it about 3.0pm.would of had at least 2liters of bees.let them out on dusk they all flew home.one hive must be large as will hve 10or 12bees in flight at alltime are close approx 3min turn around.my yard was full of bees some days nice peaceful ones even my 2yr old daughter can put out her hand and hve them land on her
  3. my point was unless you have checked every tree in that area how do you know how many wild hives there are.i live in town did a experiment on feeding bees ,had bees coming from 4 directions.lots of bees .but dont know of any hives in 2ks.lots of big old trees though
  4. i was really pointing out the futility of killing them instead of trying to rehive etc.true or false ,if i own a beehive ,and bees travel 2to3 kilometers to harvest.and they mix with bees from a hive 5to6kilometers away(3+3)which has varroa etc.does this not mean that i need to know the condition of every bee colony within 6ks of where ever my bees are.an immpossible feat in most of nz i think???
  5. i dont understand the mentality of so called protecters of new zealand honey bees.when there attitude is its not in a box so kill it.the truth is for every wild hive you kill is probablly 10 more there and they most likely are escapees of some beekeeper
  6. in nz bleach is used for water sanitation in schools and other goverment depts.health board recommendations are 1litre per10000litres of water.kills all fungal and bacterial contaminations .e coli etc but not giardia.is used in swimming pools when brown accidents occur.may control bugs in the hive but i wouldnt trust it on afb.how do i know the power of bleach? was a school caretaker for a few years
  7. wouldnt have something to do with greater movement of bees?.i.e more transporting bees more loss?
  8. lacebark.underbark layers are lace.as kids we learnt how to make it into lace ribbons.flowers well
  9. Is how we newbees learn from peoples superior knowledge.so do I put my hives in shade or direct sun or which way do I face my hive when I get it lol
  10. google it.there was a outfit in auckland that do.new and recycled washed onesfrom memory were $135 up
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