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  1. Are all the baskets reversing
  2. Small hive beetle and European foulbrood here we come
  3. sorry made it thru to article my interpretation to many hives, lower crops, overcapitalisation lowering proffitability, linked with increased regulation, more and higher levies and fees
  4. Here is the link https://www.interest.co.nz/opinion/97386/rodney-dickens-thinks-he-spots-bust-about-unfold-manuka-honey-market-after-strong-boom# better to be informed and prepare
  5. Pasture honey prices down from $12 to 3:50 kg. Intence competion for even marginal Manuka sites with offers up to 50% of crop. Multiple smaller operators trying to sell up. New operators desperately asking older beekeepers for advice on diversification after rubbishing fore said older beekeepers Sure looks like a boom and bust cycle to me
  6. It’s munted. Shake bees out on ground away from hive and use the Boxs on the other two. Split out again in autumn. As long as you’re positive you don’t have afb. No point wasting money trying to fix the unfixable. ???
  7. Leave it till it has more bees. If you box it too early in the spring they may have too much room to regulate heat in the broodnest
  8. If you haven’t wintered the hives down, were they treated for mites? If not the empty Boxs shouldn’t be too heavy ? otherwise smoke them down off the two top Boxs, reduce to two then drag them out. Don’t forget your afb check.
  9. As for the frame feed sensors I’ve unbolted them so the poor machine works continuously ?
  10. Tristan I have the guides farther apart as the frames I have vary in size and the bees do tend to wax/ proplise the sides of the end bars. The spacing is wide enough so the frames don’t fall off the chain when pushed to either side, but close enough so the shoulders of the frames don’t lock behind each other ?
  11. Tristan with these adjustments I can feed all sorts of plastic frames and wooden frames, many are over 30 yo from hives l bought from tirau
  12. Tristan, as for splitting the frames I found it you raised the frame lifter up so the bottom edge of the frame caught on the high end when feeding in it lined up better. When the frame fed out the bottom bar would drag over the raised ‘foot’. You may need to grind off a couple of tangs on the side rail adjuster too as they can interfere with the end bars as they go past. Ps don’t tell Peter as I lease this machine ?
  13. Yes Tristan the chain does ‘ sit on a ridge’ on the plastic. I found the edge of the chain was too far from the inside edge of the plastic so the ends of the bars didn’t always feed straight and pushed the chain around and fell off. By cutting a channel along the edge. Half a chain deep and a chain wide, the chain didn’t move sideways and the bars were supported closer to the frame sides and didn’t tend to fall off as much or rattle as much making feeding and splitting more dependable
  14. I cut a groove into the edge of the plastic rails for the chain to run in. Much more reliable frame feed with less jams. I have a mixture of wooden and plastic frames
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