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  1. Yeah. Cheers mate. I have no plans to leave. Definitely in for the long haul. ? Yes apparently Manuka honey was getting scooped up off the shelves in China pretty quick. So as soon as those gates open fully again it'll be flooding out the doors like a spring swarm ? I guess what sparked my concern personally, is that we have been looking at buying a house. One of my workmates is in the same boat, and his mortgage broker was unsure about the stability of the agriculture industry as a whole, which in turn affects whether or not banks are going to want to lend us money for a m
  2. Yes, absolutely. Hopefully the government can help you out somewhat. ? It's going to be a tough time.
  3. Yes, its the Manuka market situation that is the main concern. With the drop in market prices and export restrictions its going to have a big impact. I'm thinking that some companies will struggle to get by, have to let go of some staff and revert to a more local market for selling honey/products etc. Interesting times ahead.
  4. Hey beeks. I just wanted to start an open discussion regarding the current situation with Covid-19 and the effects its having on the beekeeping industry in NZ. Any thoughts/info on the topic, please share. E.g: Is the industry safe..? Are our jobs as commercial beekeepers secure..?
  5. Perfect. Very helpful. Thank you ?
  6. Hi people. Another question regarding Afb inspection: After inspecting another hobbyists hives and found them clean from Afb, how do I go about finding the papers to sign for their Annual Disease return etc. Any info is helpful. Thank you. Pete.
  7. Excellent. Cheers Grant ??
  8. Hi all. I was just wondering if anybody could give me some useful info on how much I should charge another beekeeper to check their hives for Afb. Obviously I have a DECA, and they do not. I just have no idea what to charge for this job. Any 'ball park' figure would help. Cheers.
  9. Maybe I was a bit bold to put 'breeder' as my title, as I am only an apprentice Queen Breeder for a commercial company, and really just a small time hobbyist on the side. I have changed my experience level to hobbyist, though it still says ''breeder" - does it need admin approval? Sorry to cause confusion/frustration
  10. Yeah definitely. And its amazing how much sites can vary, even within 2-3km's. Thanks again.
  11. Yeah, right. Cheers Tristan. Of course every season is different. I'm only on my second season so I'm still learning these things. But the one absolute truth I've learnt with beekeeping is that there is never one simple answer to anything. Cheers.
  12. Regarding making splits- Can anybody recommend when would be the latest time in Autumn to make a split with a cell? In order to have it be strong enough to potentially survive the winter. Thanks.I'm brand new to the forum. ... a full depth 10 frame box split that is...
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