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  1. @jamesc Is that a boat? Or have I already had too many beers tonight?
  2. I'd recommend using them. Makes life easier.
  3. Have you got a photo? Just to get an idea of height etc. I might be able to grab it in the morning. If not I can put someone else onto it
  4. @M4tt I used plastic in wood. And I add another 500gm (roughly) of wax per fd box onto of the 'pre waxed'. I've noticed its made a HUGE difference. Draw frames out faster.
  5. A site of 96 must take up a heap of space. I thought my 4 take up enough space. I take it your not on farms taking up 'valuable' grazing land.
  6. If you used to place them 700m apart. Do you have them further apart now?
  7. Nice, they go well. You'll chew through the fuel with them. Did you find a new spring for it?
  8. So spent a bit of yesterday and this morning doing version 2 of my solar wax melter. If it's worth doing, it's worth over doing..
  9. I'm pleased I'm not the only one wanting more popcorn and a comfy seat to watch the show.
  10. It must be quite a flexible type. Hopefully it goes the distance for you. Did it take you long to make it?
  11. I was the same. I was surprised when I found it. I think it was mainly good luck. There is lots of photos and info on what to look for, so I feel I did have good idea on what to look for.
  12. That's an interesting option. No top entrance? Have you tried it yourself?
  13. This year really is turning into a year of firsts for me, which is pretty cool. One of my over wintered nuc's which I put its 5th FD box on last weekend. Every box has been un drawn but I have put extra wax on the frames which I think it paid off. As there are only 7 frames in the hive that are less then 3/4 drawn. Im Thinking about taking a box off and extracting as I don't really want to put a 6th box on. But at this rate I might have to, I also did my first re-queen from a cage queen. The hive has had a drone layer, then poorly mated queens so it's due for a replacement. Will have to check in a few days hopefully it was a success. Finding the poorly mated queen was a job. When your not looking for them you find them. When you are it takes ages. She must have known her time was almost up. All the advice I've received/read on here re swarm prevention seams to be paying off thus far. (don't jinx it) So thanks for the advice guys and girls.
  14. I ran on that theory last year. One or 2 cells in a hive. Centre of frames. Left them thinking it was supersedure.. a little later on I had a swarm in my tree. I now run with Matt's point. This time of year. Remove them. Figure it out later. So far its working
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