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  1. I sort of did a mini split last week. When I took queen/bees and brood. Are you saying that the one cell I've left will swarm anyway? Even though by the time cell hatches the hive would have been queenless for a couple of weeks?
  2. If it was 2 or 3 cells I'd agree. There was about 3 in the centre of the frames. The rest where at the bottom of frames in the top brood box.
  3. So removing the queen/bees and some brood from a swarmy hive last weekend don't really have the desired effect. Checked today to ensure the one Q-cell I had left was still the only one. It wasn't. They decided to make another 10 to go with it. So I've wiped out 10 of them and once again left them with one. I'm surprised that even though I removed the queen they where still hell bent of swarming.
  4. What part of town are you in?
  5. Swarm cells in my strong hive yesterday so I've caved and decided to do a walkway split today. But as per usual. When your in a hurry you can never find the queen. But when your not looking or don't need to see her she practically walks in front of you. Went through the boxes 4 times before I friggin found her... Sigh
  6. But there could be over that number again of hives that fit the under 5 category. Don't get me wrong we have too many hives in NZ for the amount of land. Interesting reads @Grant
  7. Your not having much luck at the moment are you?
  8. Pulled strips out today, and the hives a booming. My strongest one nearly has a fully capped box. Had to put its 3rd super on, this time its un-drawn. As the Eucalyptus has just started to flower once the weather improves they'll be all over that. Found a couple of swarm cells so swapped boxes, moved frames around, put a few blanks in the brood hopefully that'll keep them busy for a week or so. My other couple are doing pretty good, not as good. one has 2 supers and the other has one. It doesn't help that I took nucs out of them in Feb. This season I've definitely realised tha
  9. Did you sell 1/2 or 1/4 of what you have in storage?
  10. What do you mean by lost on of his yards?
  11. Month would be insetting, providing you can also post in topic, As I wouldn't go look in another regions poll per say, but if someone north said something was flowering, in the general one, then you'd know it's on its way further south.
  12. Decided after a month in lockdown maybe I should actually check the bees. Seeing as when I'm really busy I check them more often. It was good to have a wee looksie. Took strips out, a week or so late. Plenty of stores in the main hives, nucs needed a feed which is to be expected. Surprisingly. (well for me anyway) 2 hives are having a brood break. (Or where queenless but I dought that) I found it Interesting as since I've had bees they have never had a break. Maybe this year as I actually started to winter them down earlier, and left a lot more honey for them they are decided they needed a b
  13. I reckon it'll be drum and base??
  14. With no sport on this weekend (well for a while) and a cracking weather today, it was a good excuse to go through the hives. Haven't checked them since I took honey off and put strips in. (6 weeks ago). At the same time I made 2 walkaway nucs. I'm pleased to report that both successfully mated and have good laying pattern, just a bit light on stores. (I have now fed them) The 3 full hives have a good amount of stores, and looking a darn site heathier than this time last year. Early honey removal and putting strips in I think has been the key. Hopefully I don't need the back up nucs for
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