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  1. I agree. But it dosen't make finding it any easier to swallow.
  2. Haha that's what my Wife asked when I sent her the pic. I couldn't upload the ropey pic,(too large) so I put up the test...
  3. Come back from a month away. Checked hives yesterday. Found a cell I was 90% sure was AFB. I'm now 100% sure. Great start to the season
  4. Ain't that the truth....
  5. BRB

    Is this AFB?

    After all the reading i've done of this forum, I would have never killed a hive on my own without input from someone with more experience, or posting pics like @CHCHPaul did and getting feedback. Prob should have mentioned it had been inspected, when I posted the pic. Oh well. Un sure which way around the frame was, I wasn't there. I wish I was now, more for the learning point of view. To see if A) I missed it when I checked it, or b) the hive only started showing symptoms. I'm pretty sure this was the 3rd or more cell he tried so It wasn't a one hit wounder. I don't have any reason to dought him, he does get paid for doing it. I'm not going to muck around getting a second option. It's one hive. I will survive. I just hope it hasn't spread to the rest of them.
  6. BRB

    Is this AFB?

    I didn't make the call. I did my checks 6 weeks ago all fine in my eyes. I had a commercial beek do a random inspection on behalf of asure & mpi. He found a few cells in brood chamber. He thought it was early on set. That was the only pic he sent. He's marked hive and reported it. If he's wrong that'll be disappointing. But I feel I need to trust the system if we really want to get rid of afb. I've already killed bees. it's the gear that's more heartbreaking. I prob can test the comb now as if soaked it? If I am to trust the inspector, and afb had only started showing signs. Rather now than spring. On a side note. All my hives where fed 3 weeks ago. This hive didn't touch the syrup, feeder was still full. All had the same amount of stores and needed a feed. This one appeared to be getting some from somewhere else.
  7. BRB

    Is this AFB?

    Not what I wanted to find in the hive.. Hive killed yesterday. Burning tomorrow. Heart breaking
  8. I was going to ask the same question
  9. BRB

    50% OA/GLY

    @Josh Where did you get you OA from? What did you pay for it? Cheers
  10. They have it for android. I'll have to give it a whirl next time I'm walking the dog. Thanks
  11. What app are you talking about? A flower identifier?
  12. There's a good chance I'm pretty close to you... I'm in Sockburn, closer to Upper Ric
  13. What show was interviewing you?
  14. Of course. They just didn't like being shook off so I could have a closer look
  15. Checked my hives over the weekend, it was warm (22+degress) and overcast in Chch, no wind I thought it would have been perfect to check the girls. But alas no. They were not happy with me.. Somehow one got in through a gap in my suit and I got stung on the wrist. Whole arm swelled up. Not what you want on a Saturday. Doh. I don't know how you experienced guys know if there is a flow on or not. The girls seam to have slowed down, a few more frames filled but no more drawn out. Driving around town yesterday everyone's lawn is now cut short and starting to look like its burning off, a lot different to a week or so ago when it was green and covered in clover. The big question, how long do I wait till I pull off the full frames. The million $ question.
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