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  1. I reckon it'll be drum and base?? 😅
  2. With no sport on this weekend (well for a while) and a cracking weather today, it was a good excuse to go through the hives. Haven't checked them since I took honey off and put strips in. (6 weeks ago). At the same time I made 2 walkaway nucs. I'm pleased to report that both successfully mated and have good laying pattern, just a bit light on stores. (I have now fed them) The 3 full hives have a good amount of stores, and looking a darn site heathier than this time last year. Early honey removal and putting strips in I think has been the key. Hopefully I don't need the back up nucs for next season.
  3. My bees are on a roof. If the wind gets up too much with limited sun. They go from docile to kamikaze in no time.
  4. Or cage the queen? If they are good layers I'll happily take one off your hands 😉
  5. @jamesc Is that a boat? Or have I already had too many beers tonight?
  6. I'd recommend using them. Makes life easier.
  7. Have you got a photo? Just to get an idea of height etc. I might be able to grab it in the morning. If not I can put someone else onto it
  8. @M4tt I used plastic in wood. And I add another 500gm (roughly) of wax per fd box onto of the 'pre waxed'. I've noticed its made a HUGE difference. Draw frames out faster.
  9. A site of 96 must take up a heap of space. I thought my 4 take up enough space. I take it your not on farms taking up 'valuable' grazing land.
  10. If you used to place them 700m apart. Do you have them further apart now?
  11. Nice, they go well. You'll chew through the fuel with them. Did you find a new spring for it?
  12. So spent a bit of yesterday and this morning doing version 2 of my solar wax melter. If it's worth doing, it's worth over doing..
  13. I'm pleased I'm not the only one wanting more popcorn and a comfy seat to watch the show.
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