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  1. What's the best treatment in autumn if I use apivar now. I didn't really like the thymovar it made such a mess.
  2. Thank you. Yes I have been wondering if I should be feeding them or not. They were all over the pellet meal we were feeding the calves for awhile there. Not sure if they got anything from it or not but apparently the molasses in it may have been attracting them to it. there is some honey perhaps a frame but there did look to be a small amount of fresh honey there uncappped.
  3. I got a a five frame Nuc at the end of summer this year and it has managed to survive the winter in central otago along with its new care taker! they filled out a couple more frames to fill a box before winter. What I am wondering is when do I add another box for them to fill out frames? And then at what point do I add on a super box? They are currently bringing in heaps of pollen but a lot of cells currently empty. A bit of honey but not much and bees were filling up the inner three four frames with some brood. I treated with thymovar in autumn and wondering what to treat with now? Thymovar left a very sticker residue and many bees got stuck in cells presumably from this and they are still there. I thought they would have cleaned them out by now.
  4. I found a tone of bees in the calf food today and wondering whats attracting them to it? Does anyone know why? My poor calves!
  5. Forgot to mention I'm in central Otago. Temperature has been all over the place in feb here ranging roughly anywhere from 6-32degrees. Will try take some photos of frames in a couple of days. Thanks for the replies. Why do you not like thymol out of interest? What do you use? i have closed the hive up to probably more three bee spaces. Might try in a couple of days but Feel like I'm harrassing them a bit to much though and I'm sure I squash a few each time
  6. hi there, I got a five frame nuc at the end of jan. I fed them small amounts of 1:1 sugar syrup to assist them in filling out the additional 3 frames which worked well and they are mostly filled out and with stores. There weren't any drones but a few weeks ago I noticed some drone cells on the second to last frame in amongst capped honey. Having checked today I saw my first drones possibly a handful or more wondering around. Can't believe the size of those boys! What I noticed today is a heap more of capped drone cells and I guess a bit concerned that my workers are being replaced by drones as doesn't seem to me to be an increase in bee numbers with most bees more on the drone frames than honey frames. Also lava and capped brood seems more sporadic this time around. What does this all mean at this time of year? Also quite a bit of robbing attempts and dead bees inside the hive and in front. At a guess a handful. Haven't done a sugar test but doesn't appear to be any signs of varroa and thought I'd hold off another week to put in thymol for winter prep. What do you think?
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