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  1. Hive is in great condition have checked myself a few times for afb but im not deca qualified thats the problem i have
  2. Had the hive since end of december last year and was told it had been checked for afb before i got it
  3. Thanx alot trevor your help is much appreciated
  4. Hi all i am wondering if any1 in the whangarei area can do a afb check for me asap i am not yet qualified to do so and i have left it way to late but any help would be much appreciated it is only 1 hive and i will be happy to pay some1 to sort it out for me thanx all
  5. So im a bit to late in the season and dont want 2 week hives rather then 1 strong hive going into the off season so ill guess i might add a super and leave the honey on for the bees over winter
  6. Would u feed them even though there is plenty of nectar around still
  7. Hi i am a newbee to this forum and not sure if there has been a previous post about this topic but here we go anyhow So i bought a new hive 1 full deep hive full of brood and new spring queen the guy i bought it off said to add a super straight away so i did 3 weeks later i have 80 percent drawn comb and eggs and larvae up in the new brood chamber covering atleast 6 frames in the top box. What i was wanting to know is as a newbee would any1 reccomend i do a walk away split and let them make there own queen or would it be better as a newbee to just add another box as a super all feedback
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