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  1. Funny, my weekend check went almost exactly the same way... Hive 1 and 2 were doing really well, quite a good amount of nectar/pollen coming in to both and hive 2 was booming with bees and plenty of brood, hive 3 had only a smattering of bees and brood (plenty of stores though) so i gave it a boost of young brood and nurse bees from the booming hive (hopefully that will even out both hives... then had a DOH moment, forgot to check if the queen was on the donated brood frames, oh well, if she was then I figure she will kick the other probably old queen out, and the donatee hive would make a new queen, as well as slow down a little, as it seemed pretty big for the first week of spring down here. And yes quite a close AFB check on the hives as well... hense the bee sting on the end of my nose through my veil! I was a bit concerned about the hive 3 but after checking lots of the random single brood cells that were still there, i just got dead almost fully developed bees, probably due to the lack of nurse bee coverage, so that was a big sigh of relief. After last years afb scares all round me I am trying to be extremely vigilant and this hive 3 being so small had me concerned, so Im hoping the brood/bee boost will be enough to get the queen either laying better or replaced. I think she must be failing as it was a mix of normal and drone brood that was there. What I didnt see was any sign of Varroa or DWV, and I even had a fair bit of drone brood to check through as well, so the OA strips seem to be doing their job, and new strips went in. So two weeks time I will check the hive 3 again and see if they are improving or making a new queen.
  2. not that I can see ... yet... But it is a bit hard to check properly, 1 broodless, 2 almost and the 1 with a bit of brood looked ok Just a waiting game... hate that.. 😞
  3. Forgot to post on monday so here it is anyway. Very quick check of all 4 hives cos although it was sunny was a very cold breeze. All hives now clustered a bit and quite happy to stay that way while I gave them the once over. Weirdly for June three still have brood, 2 have just a smattering and one actually had quite a good solid frame of brood, one had no brood I could see. That one with the solid brood also had the largest amount of bees, still mostly filling a brood box and plenty in the honey box as well, even had fresh nectar in that box! Moved strips towards middle of cluster and brood area. All three of those hives had plenty of stores on board. 4th smaller hive still looking ok, hasnt got much smaller than last check, smattering of brood, not a huge amount of honey but probably ok for its size. Will be watching them, and may give them a bit of syrup in a feeder just in case? OA Strips still getting a bit chewed in all of the hives, but ok till next check i think Found several wasps caught in the QE in the biggest hive, one was still alive... gave it the bash with the hive tool! I think the bees had balled them up there, weird to see them at this time of year. So that will be it till August/Sept at the earliest I think, and then it will be thorough AFB check again... with all the problems here over the last few months, have to be super vigilant then.
  4. Ill take the black one, apparently they go kinda well... be nice to have a cruiser in the garage
  5. Having done the course, I say quite a lot actually. Combine it with club meetings once a month for the practical side, and it works very well. I could almost guarantee anyone would learn something from it, even those with years of experience. But ya know thats just my personal opinion!
  6. So saturday, bee check day, yay finally! its been a bit hard to get time to get into the hives the last while, but I managed it. I have been checking mite drops and tapping and hefting the hives every few days... tapping to get a a wee buzz back LOL... no buzz usually means no bees. ...and the first hive I checked has no buzz for a couple of weeks at least now. This is the hive I was not holding out much hope for: definately dead, no bees, not a speck of brood alive or dead, no honey, lots of pollen though (this was a swarm from spring rehomed along with an older last season swarm ). They had started laying but were doing very little. A couple of checks ago i gave them some brood but they just capped it and carried on. So I wasnt overly concerned...meh... 4 hives is plenty for me now. Next three hives, loads of bees still (probably too many really), quite a few frames of brood (whats happened to winter?), plenty of honey, even fresh nectar... not sure where thats from. One hive still had a few drones in it. Redistributed OA strips to the brood, the ones that hadnt been chewed out, quite a few were, updated some. Mite fall had been steady with these, not huge but enough to warrant keeping strips in through winter. Last hive, not looking so brilliant, smaller than the others but actually probably about where I would expect winter bees to be TBH, a small amount of brood, plenty of stores, but also a couple of DWV bees as well... UGH! This one has also had the highest mite drop by far, it also had had the largest bee population over the season and the nicest chilled nature, and gave me at least 3 boxes of honey on it own. So it got some new strips and I will be watching it closely... dont really want to lose it cos its my fav hive. so another check next month now..
  7. I guess at least that means people are learning what to do
  8. good video trev! Sad about the topic but its good to see the process
  9. and another AFB text... ...considering Ive only got one apiary, I'm kinda stunned by how many AFB hives there has been close by this season. 😞
  10. interesting dansar... how is it measured, what does the '10mm' or '39mm' mean?
  11. yup it could i guess... though they could just have said who was calling or just left a phone number to call back... they had my phone number as the contact, but I had no idea who rang me. In the end it was a posted letter (I forgot it wasnt actually an email) that alerted me to the original call.
  12. yeah I used to think that... but nowadays a lot of govt depts also have unlisted numbers. I missed a call once, thought nothing of it until a few days later when i got an email from the CDHB, one i was expecting sometime in a few weeks, saying they couldnt get hold of me... grrrr they never left a message on the missed call so i couldnt return it anyway! so yeah i answer the same as philbee now, a 'hello' and thats all
  13. I will give it a go this weekend 😉 ... still dont know if the hive will make it though cos these bee will start dieing off soon, and unless there is a queen in there somewhere and not laying, there wont be any new bees apart from the frame i put in.
  14. yup, except its difficult to know where to put the treatment... cos i guess they just may not go near it if its not near the brood? And this hive is actually still quite big, surprisingly with no brood, bees in 2 brood boxes and honey box (3/4 boxes) So far I have managed to reverse a laying worker hive, by adding brood, luckily it worked... the laying worker was only in the top honey box, which was odd in itself, but they have nice normal brood now. but this one has me a bit stumped
  15. another busy beekeep weekend, good to keep occupied and away from the world this past weekend. I checked the hive I added some brood to last weekend, the queenless one, or I thought anyway... dont know what to think now, as the beautiful frame of fresh eggs i gave them was completely capped both sides, and not one queen cell there! ***shakes head*** So i guess I will just leave them, maybe the queen just stopped laying for some reason? This is the combined swarm hives of last season. (I caught one swarm end of last season and then the beginning of this season, I combined them as i had no spare boxes). Except for the minor issue of no eggs/brood (apart from the imported frame now) the hive looks good, plenty of pollen and honey so I will wait and see. This one i haven't treated yet as there was no brood and i wasnt quite sure where i would put the staples? No brood is not usually an issue with my hives at this time of year... will have to pop staples in next weekend i think. The other hive I needed to get the last honey box off... I gave up last week as it was open a bit long cos it was the one I grabbed the brood from for the first hive and they were getting titchy (3 stings), so went back in to on saturday. Haha... too funny, got the honey off but another friggan three stings virtually as i started! They arent particularly aggressive but, they keep getting caught in the folds of my beesuit, annoying, same spot as last weekend. The arvo was spent extracting honey, along with showing a new beekeep who had some boxes to extract, fun afternoon! Always nice to have a helper. 😀
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