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  1. I never want to be an employer ever again. The vast majority our employees have been great but it just takes one rotten apple ( or non EU honey ) to ruin it all. There really is no support for the employer unfortunately. So, any business I may have in the future will be small, not looking to grow because I really don’t want to deal with staffing dramas ever!
  2. As a spoon harvesting hobbyist, I have just been going foundationless on my wooden frames - it's been surprisingly successful. Just iceblock sticks for them to build the comb off. If you're careful scraping away the honey you are left with a lovely bee built foundation to put back in the hive.
  3. Do they not bung it up with propolis?
  4. All my hives still have plenty of drones - they can't be too far off getting the boot though with all these cold nights.
  5. Your only payment may very well be in the form of honey...
  6. My father-in-law from Tullamore was telling me about this while they were here for Christmas. His area in the Midlands is where the Heather grows very well and the honey is produced. He is looking at getting back into having a few hives - he had some pre-varroa and was very interested looking into my hives with me. Sent them off with plenty of honey!
  7. Bought my first house in Murphy St. It was the only remotely affordable house available in Nelson at the time.
  8. Yes, lots in my area doing impressive things. I've never noticed how fragrant the flowers are until today.
  9. @kaihoka I take heart in the fact your swarm season is as much of a train wreck as mine. Missed queen cells, missed virgins and a hive that has swarmed 3 times. Next year I'm going to do things a whole lot differently.
  10. There is a large rewarewa a few doors down the street and I'd say half my bees are working that one tree. My Apple looks stunning full of blossom and bees, as are the cherry blossoms down our street. Everything seems to be in bloom and the bees are spoiled for choice. Already a box of honey nearly capped on one hive.
  11. My copy squished 3 flies and rescued 1 bumble bee as I sat in the sunroom to flick through it - was of some use.
  12. I was on swarm control today as both my hives have been busy building cells but the second I opened the hive half of it went into the air. Has anyone had that happen before? bit of a surprise. I'm feeling that my first swarm season has been a bit of a fail. I now have another hive.
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