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  1. Oha honey ( Watson’s and sons ) only honey boxes on it was heavy rain this morning happen going down a steep hill was towing a tractor forklift we think trailer fish tail on him and he hit the bank on side of road
  2. I have use a hive tool and 12 v battery to light smoker when I forgot lighter but you need some semi burn sack to hold the sparks
  3. We have hives here in Wanganui and up in the BOP and they all look the same with no brood and we had a SNIB Goup meeting and there was lot of beekeeper in the same boat
  4. I would say over 90% are brood less I would say the queen stop laying around the middle of March they have lots off pollen and honey and the varroa has no where to hide
  5. Just wonder how many off you been checking your hives and finding they are broodless early this year normal we have brood right thru winter
  6. i had a miss call from New York at 2:16 pm to I wonder if it was that some people
  7. I normally have all my hive on pallet but this one site is a small one and it has concrete so the other day I just tip the hive over on it front and spit the two brood boxes apart easier
  8. Have one honey buyer ring looking for kanaka and bush with NPA or 3&4 but did not give a price
  9. just like flour when thrown in the air above a flame
  10. The load was empty honey supers it was out side a strawberry farm and they had hives in there for pollination and the close hive was just onver the fence so had a few robbers while we wait for the cop and to sort out the details it could had be worse if we had losted the load of 240 boxes did loss any
  11. Every one in this accident were good just a shaken up
  12. My new truck likes taking out thing a month ago my brother was driving and took out a cow on SH 1 with the front corner of the deck truck 1 / cow dead my worker was driveing home form our Shed in town where we store our super and a car pull out in front of the truck the worker try to get around it but the car hit the back wheel my worker only had her class two license for just over a week
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