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  1. On my two hives there just seems to be 2 or 3 grummpy individuals each time.
  2. Department of conservation and regional councils are trialling wasp eradication or control programmes. Nationally the goal is drive down wasp numbers which will have benefits for bee keeping. DOC and regional councils are running control programmes for German wasps and there is a national programme to eradicate them.which will start to limit their numbers in some areas. Good for bee keepers.
  3. Is a walkaway split, splitting off a nuc and letting it produce a queen naturally?
  4. Further to the question above does anyone know if there's still flowers blooming in auckland central in late Jan?
  5. Could extreme or clearly identifiable paint jobs deter theft for at risk hives? Doesn't stop a repaint but could make someone think twice if the hive was pink?
  6. Thanks, for both hives i have two full boxes with a queen excluded and 3/4 box of honey on top. Small amount of bearding during the day and a truck load of activity. I agree with making a strong nuc maybe 5 to 6 frames. better chanceof getting original hives and splits through winter
  7. Just to mention I looked into it and there are originals you can source from Australia which are around 700 and cheaper replicas of alliexpress. Australian version will be better quality plastics, materials etc
  8. From this thread is it ok to do a 5 frame nuc spilt off a strong auckland hive taking the queen in the nuc and letting the original hive generate a new queen? Enough time before autumn?
  9. I took 20 kg off two hives in central auckland and will take another 10 shortly leaving plenty for winter
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