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  1. hd bases are ***** happens all the time with them, scrape all the wax off into a frame feeder put that back into the hive with a new base sorted .
  2. more propolis = keeps the hive dryer warmer more antibacterial lining id be inclined to think so
  3. @Jose Thayil i spy varroa in your photos
  4. @kaihoka do you try trap these stoats?
  5. went into a two story FD hive today 6 frames of brood in total, 4 in the bottom 2 in the top, a mixture of all stages of development and lots of pollen mainly all orange in color. couldn't spot any drones yet unfortunately. also the bush is starting to come alive with sways of manuka,gorse and hakea i think its going to be a big year.
  6. just getting bombed by mites can only take so much
  7. i think this applies to alot of things
  8. in the winterless north the bees bringing loads of pollen and seeing drones flying what the dickens is going on ?
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