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  1. Just harvested some honey by the yesbut method.Stripped to foundation mid rib.Honey was reddish brown colour & gel like. Is this likely to be Manuka as some grows over the hill? Flavour was not too strong so may have some clover in it?
  2. Also check original hive for Queen Cells. Destroy all except one or you may have further swarms emerge as Queens emerge from Queen cells.
  3. Queen that was broodless in Autumn back to laying again. Apivar treatments in today & 3 part frames of brood. This hive was full of Varroa in Autumn according to tray under Hive doctor bottom after Bayvarol treatment so Bayvarol still effective.
  4. Inspected 10 my hives recently. Run Italian queens. Two hives had queens present but no brood so no adjustments required for Bayvarol strips. Is this what I could expect for early May. Queens with no brood are Mother & Daughter. Mother had high mite levels as indicated by tray under Hive Doctor when Bayvarol strips introduced. The Brood brake will reduce Mites?
  5. i I had the same call as Trevor and was not sure if it was a cold call con or what. They had my email address & mobile. Now know relates to my Decca registration. Thanks Trevor.
  6. Attempted to collect a swarm in town yesterday but after hanging out on the front of my 7 frame hive doctor nuc they absconded. They were back today on the bush & rehived but reduced in volume. Does this indicate more than one queen involved in original swarm?
  7. Shame cannot get these locally. This is real artisan beekeeping. Remember in my youth my mum buying a section of comb honey from the local grocer before I started beekeeping as a teenager. I purchased a 500 batch of sections about 35 years ago and have still about 120 borer free to use up before looking at Kentucky USA.
  8. Half depth super above sections with 75% full cells & one bait section in top section super so hope bees will go into individual section combs.From experience bees do not like working small combs & yield will be lower than standard honey production. More comb to draw out?
  9. Placed 2 half depth supers of wooden sections on 2 of my hives today for comb honey. Strong build up in area with prolific buttercup flowering. The bees will either sulk & attempt to swarm or get on with working the little combs. Does anybody know if you can still purchase the wooden sections? Mine would be over 30 years old & came from Ecroyd,s Christchurch. They come preformed & flat. Require corners to be moistened before forming, inserting foundation in grove and completing the square with the dovetail sides.
  10. Inspected colony united with drone layer & queen above excluder today.Spotted the queen. Queen has survived introduction to bottom super & appears to be laying as one egg per cell pattern in a frame in the second super. Colony is going to need some nursing as mess of drone layer brood in bottom super!
  11. Did squash a few extended abdomen striped bees. Drone laying seems to have overtaken queen pheromones ,however, as queen was above queen excluder with a few attendants and nothing further in second super. Plenty of drone brood in bottom super so leaving alone does not appear to be an option as no brood in second super? Assuming queen is rejected what is the best option for uniting a drone laying colony later in the season?
  12. United 2 colonies by paper method with Queen excluder a month ago. Inspection today revealed Queen in top super ,infact on top of Queen excluder & no brood in second super. Bottom super drone layers so I have stuffed up. Shook queen into bottom super & closed hive up. Chances are queen will be killed? What is the best option for maintaining this hive?
  13. Spring checks today.Both hives good stores but only 3 part frames of brood in each. Bees working Wattle & Tree lucerne when they can get out between spring showers. Re reading the NZ control of Varroa book so lost my nerve and added Apivar strips today. Hope not too early as was intending to install strips at end of month.
  14. Bees most active day since winter & 2 yellow deposits on front of one hive. Is this likely to be a reflection of mild Nosema infection?
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