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  1. The wasps are sniffing around the hives and nicking meat from under the dogs nose - just wondering if there is anyone in kerikeri available to do some vespex baiting? Thanks!
  2. @Philbee are you still selling hobby quantities?
  3. Good point! If the new girl is carrying the dodgy genes too ill requeen with a fancy Italian, thank you ?
  4. Pohutukawa, bottlebrush, citrus blossoms and clover going here, keeping the girls busy.
  5. This hive has had a bit of a problem with PMS in the past so could still be showing symptoms without varroa, its in full sun, good ventilation and is building up quite well. Im going to be actively cycling out older comb this season to try and reduce any pathogen load.
  6. Hiya, hope everyone is having a nice Saturday - sunny here with bottlebrush covered in bees! During my early spring full brood inspection I noticed a few patches of chalkbrood in a few cell, the queen was accidentally squished so the girls have raised a new one. Was in the hive today to do some varroa sampling as there have been some bees dead at the entry with k wings. The girls are superseding the current queen but the chalkbrood is still there and there were a few cells with sacbrood. From my understanding the treatment for both of these is requeening but
  7. Went for a walk along the waterfront in napier today, lots flowering including echiums, bottlebrush, an overeager pohutukawa, pink tea tree, orange flower and a tonne of annuals like poppies and stock etc.... didn't see a bee on any of them. My girls at home are in the macadamia tree at the moment.
  8. My chooks love them, I call them over when I open up the hive and flick them over to them - advantage of backyard chooks and bees!
  9. The queen had hatched and the bees were starting to remove the cell, I spotted the virgin as well.
  10. I'm fairly certain it is a superscedure cell but it was partially torn down so may have been emergency - the previous comments about supercedure is why I added it. Either way, I'm crossing my fingers for successful mating flights over the next few days!
  11. Yep, one of my two. Small sample but the timing would be spot on to when the staples went in
  12. Staples appeared to trigger supercedure in my hive with a one year old queen. mixed feelings as she was a stunning layer but her daughters were a bit grumpy for an urban hive. Haven't checked the other hive yet
  13. The thinner ply will bow and bend under the weight of honey comb. I've recently reinforced mine which has 20mm thick walls. No such problems with the boxing timber we built the second one out of - go for the the sturdy stuff. As for the nuc, I got mine from janet but you can cut down lang frames to fit into a top bar, there are videos on YouTube. A swarm is ideal if you can get one. Your local beekeepers association is definitely worth getting in touch with. They may have members who can help you out. Otherwise I'm thinking of splitting a nuc off one of mine a bit later in sp
  14. Thank you, I hadn't so I'll add them to my list
  15. Yes that would be good. So far I'm looking at bleeding heart and bee balm. There's also some fuschia in there already
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