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  1. Might be the plan for next season :bee::bee::bee:
  2. Are we going about this the wrong way. Many times, with many issues, I read "leave it to the bees. They will sort themselves out". While I am certain we need to continue treating for their survival, is supersedure a better selection process? We find a queen with resistance/tolerance but it may be only one of the 12 odd drones who had the right genetic makeup for the tolerance. We only have a 1 in 12 chance then of selecting the larvae from that drone again and crossing our fingers that the recipe is the same or close enough that when she mates, one or more of the drones will be made of the
  3. Hope the small group above dont leave the queen stranded as they combine
  4. Fears of Myrtle alert. Cambridge people are being asked bu the Waikato Regional Council to keep an eye out for a rust-like fungus which could kill off iconic native trees in New Zealand. Fears of Myrtle rust being blown over to New Zealand from Australia have been heightened by news that Australian butterflies have been sighted recently in the Bay of Plenty. It’s thought they may have been blown over by Cyclone Ita. The Ministry for Primary Industries has warned this could indicate the prospect of more such sightings of potentially airborne Australian organisms, including fungal spo
  5. Something else to try http://www.merinocountry.org.au/Docs/Baiting%20European%20wasps%20pics.pdf
  6. I asked Byron briefly about that and basically they want people to dob in other beeks then the site can be checked against the register. We happened to stumble upon one and the beek volunteered another site of his. He already had at least 1 registered apiary
  7. @Erin I will pass on your concerns. I an unsure how to approach this apart from notifying the committee. It may be an advantage if we could have a top bar keeper give a demonstration of a top bar in action and the proper way to inspect/handle the frames. I spoke to another lady who came across a top bar today and she was not that willing to handle the frameless bars I didn't attend the Monday meeting but was there today. We had a couple of refusals and discovered a couple of unregistered apiary's. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective) all hives on the register will
  8. What a bunch of "glass half empties". No wonder we have had AFB for so long. If the attitude is that it is something we have to accept then yes it will never be eradicated. Many people have raved about how great diseasathons are and now it is being taken one step further and all people can think of is how much it will cost, not how much it could save
  9. Xcluder is in Rotorua for the mesh, you should be able to get the galvanized sheet from any sheet metal worker. There will be a few of them around Gizzy. You could also try the roofers and get the ends of the rolls or off cuts of Coloursteel
  10. Through the hive in the weekend, a nice, fat new queen alongside mumsy. The old girl was on her way out. Thanks again
  11. I have a commercial beek a couple of doors from me. Before I put a hive on my place I asked if it was ok with him. He was more than happy to allow that and even offered assistance if required, which I have called on. If you guide them right you shouldnt have many issues
  12. @@Erin there is a member of the WDBA who has a source and sells them for $3 each. I have gone around cafes etc but they either cant be bothered, dont have empty ones or send them back for a refund so it is much easier to send him an email and collect them at the next meeting. I can get you some if you want or if you are a member log in to the website and go to the offers page for the details. The 15l square holds 18-20kg of honey. Dont fill them to the top as it is hard to tip small amounts @@P\.J\.Linton\. He may get them from there as he lives in TA
  13. Hasn't been too bad here in spite of trying to reduce the crop by splitting and selling nucs Buckets arranged per hive (1 box per bucket) except 2nd from the right which is a mixture of honey that the box had too much honey for the bucket. The small bucket on the end is a 3/4 box from a hive created this season and I left a box on the hive. Still have 2 boxes to extract but most of that contains honey that had crystallized in the comb so will probably just feed that back if any hives require it. Put another wet on one of the hives today and the wet I put on last week feels about 1/4 fu
  14. Agreed but as stated the intent was to remove the mesh to once an acceptance period had passed then see how long co-habitation would last.
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