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  1. He was recently interviewed on the Joe Rogan Podcast, have a listen here:- http://podcasts.joerogan.net/podcasts/paul-stamets-2 Thanks...Gary
  2. Thanks Tommy for the feedback and sharing the show Yep indeed, thinking about ways we can do what we do and still be able to eat We are working through some ideas
  3. So Tommy, would you have paid for that content? Asking as we are doing some thinking over winter, on ways we can keep on paying the mortgage Have a great weekend...Gary
  4. Thanks John for coming on the show, we really appreciate you sharing your wisdom with our listeners. Hopefully meet you in the real world one day...Gary
  5. Thanks Matt for the feedback, so are you going to subscribe to the show Gary
  6. The show has been released to the masses. If you are a subscriber, refresh your podcast Application. John Berry is a third generation beekeeper and worked in the family Business “Arataki Honey” before starting his own business “Berry Bees” with his brother Peter. He now produces comb-honey for the Hawkes Bay Farmers Market. You can also listen here HERE If you enjoy, please leave a comment with what you liked.
  7. I would be interested to know what you think our efforts are worth to you. I guess $1 is just too much. Hope you enjoy the show, it will be out Wednesday, if you subscribe for free on your phone you will get it as soon as its released. Gary
  8. We have just the podcast for our amazing supporters. Supporters get the show a week before the general release date. John Berry is a third generation beekeeper and has worked in the family Business "Arataki Honey" before starting his own business “Berry Bees” with his brother Peter. He now produces comb-honey for the Hawkes Bay Farmers Market. Find out more here:- http://kiwi.bz/berry You can become a support for $1 a month Thanks
  9. Here is what is covered in the show:- John Berry is a third generation beekeeper and has worked in the family Business "Arataki Honey" before starting his own business “Berry Bees” with his brother Peter. He now produces comb-honey for the Hawkes Bay Farmers Market. What do you love about beekeeping? - 00:02:00 What happened to the clover this year? - 00:02:59 How did John get started in Beekeeping? - 00:03:28 How did Arataki Honey get started - 00:03:45 What would John tell his younger self - 00:06:06 Do you have a funny beekeeping experience that you would like to share? - 00:10:31 What can we do about AFB in New Zealand - 00:12:19 The Honey levy proposed by Apiculture New Zealand - 00:16:29 What does John think about the overstocking of hives in the Hawkes Bay? - 00:18:12 What's the biggest issue facing beekeeping In the Hawkes Bay? - 00:20:05 John work with VSH Queens - 00:22:13 John is a Comb Honey Specialist producer - 00:23:10 What does John use to Control Mites - 00:24:46 John's mites showed signs of resistance to Bayvarol Strips - 00:25:00 John is going to try Oxalic acid - 00:27:30 Treated Bees produce more Honey - 00:29:29 What's the biggest mistake you see a lot of new beekeepers making? - 00:30:21 Is monitoring varroa mites a good idea? - 00:31:15 Has Varroa benefited New Zealand Beekeeping? - 00:34:30 Will Feral Bees return to New Zealand? - 00:35:34 Why do bees turn nasty - 00:37:59 Our Bees are designed to have a winter - 00:41:00 Does the Hawkes Bay have a lot of wasps? - 00:42:11 What are John?s plans for the coming season? - 00:43:56 Is overstocking because of Manuka? - 00:45:49 The pollination of clover is being threatened - 00:46:40 The price of manuka sites is getting stupid - 00:50:12 The Manuka Crop was zero this year in the HB - 00:51:07 What does John think of the new Manuka Standard - 00:54:20
  10. I would have thought taking Honey into America would be fine, but yes I agree not into Australia?
  11. Hey John, Not sure if I had the correct email, but I did send you one on the Berry one your website. Still not heard back, can you drop me an email at gary at kiwimana.co.nz...Thanks
  12. Thanks Dennis for listening in. Yes some great old history, have you ever read Cliff Van Eaton's book about Manuka. It also have some quite tidbits from the history of the industry in New Zealand. Thanks...Gary
  13. Thanks John. yes he does seem like a character. Hopefully met him in Real Life One day. Have you ever considered coming on the show for chat in the future? I was going to ask you when you spoke at Kumeu, but I was frozen solid from memory. God that hall was cold that day Thanks...Gary
  14. In this podcast we share "The Way We Used to Bee", which is New Zealand's first ever beekeeping podcast that released eight episodes back in 2006. Nick Wallingford talks about the history of New Zealand beekeeping and some of characters involved. Nick kindly let us re-release these shows and I think you will learn some interesting things about the history of New Zealand beekeeping. Nick was the president of the National Beekeepers Association of New Zealand. Nick is now 67 and has retired to the Bay of Plenty. You can listen to the show by clicking the link below and pressing the "Play" Button at the top of the page. http://kiwi.bz/nick Thanks...Gary
  15. Very good @Oma Yes me and Margaret are know as Opa and Oma to three special people Margaret's family is Dutch. Have a great weekend...Gary
  16. Thanks @Mummzie, Ha yep its a pretty funny story. He seems like a real character, you were lucky to have him as a Tutor...Thanks...Gary and Margaret
  17. Thanks Oma for listening in...Gary and Margaret p.s. Are you dutch by any chance?
  18. This episode we talk to Nigel Costley from Nelson. Nigel Costley is a Beekeeper, Tutor and freelance journalist from Nelson in New Zealand. Nigel has been keeping bees for over forty years. This is a audio show about bees and keeping them in boxes. Other Interesting Topics Covered:- Feral Bees should be released to create a varroa tolerate bee How to become a Morris dancer on meth ? Nigel first teacher was a very famous New Zealand beekeeper What Nigel did when varroa mites first arrived in the South Island in 2006. Do you know that 48% of hives are not registered in one part of New Zealand You can listen to the show by clicking the link below and pressing the "Play" Button at the top of the page. https://bit.ly/2QpRh9t Thanks...Gary Fawcett The kiwimana Buzz
  19. Thanks to everyone that gave me the feedback on the flowering dates. The posts is now live here:- https://kiwimana.co.nz/how-do-you-tell-the-difference-between-manuka-and-kanuka/ Thanks...Gary
  20. Hi, We are writing a post called "How do you tell the difference between Manuka and Kanuka?" The flowering season for both varieties differs across the length of New Zealand. Can you us a huge favor and comment below with:- (1) The Area of New Zealand you are located, Region is fine. (2) What dates does this plant flower? Kanuka Manuka For example Otago Kanuka 1 March to 2 Feb Manuka 1 May to 2 June Thanks this will really help make the article more useful for the community. Thanks...Gary
  21. Thanks everyone for the responses, I will get that interview done and will post a note here when it's out for you. Gary Fawcett
  22. Hi, I am in the position to interview Senior Sergeant Alasdair Macmillan co-ordinator of community policing on our podcast "The kiwimana Buzz". Alasdair recent work involves the current issue of Beehive Theft in New Zealand. I want to cover things commercial beekeepers can do to prevent hives being stolen and what you can do to ensure your stolen property is returned to you. A couple of questions, before we start working on this... (a) Would you listen this such an interview? (b) If you could ask one thing of the New Zealand Police, what would that be in regards to this topic? Thanks Gary Fawcett
  23. I would give them five weeks, so around 4 Jan IMHO....Gary
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