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  1. When can I check.

    I would give them five weeks, so around 4 Jan IMHO....Gary
  2. New Zealand Beekeeper Magazine

    Yes we are PC Users, and we use Hindenburg to edit the podcasts. See ya...Gary
  3. "Manuka" = NZ ?

    Now we just need to the rest of the world to do the same thing, we cover this on tomorrows show. A really interesting interview is shared with Tasmanian Beekeepers Association president Lindsay Bourke, his argument for why he thinks we are stealing the name is crazy. If you go to this page kiwi.bz/118 and scroll down and listen to his talk with Brain Carlton is pretty funny. He even says we are adding a line of top of the A in manuka to make it more maori
  4. New Zealand Beekeeper Magazine

    Yes, Overcast is a great podcast app for IOS. That is one of the ones that lets you jump to the time codes in the show notes, which we started adding a few shows ago. I use Podcast Addict on the Android, but use our App for our show We find that some of our listeners only listen to our podcast, which is amazing to me as there are so many great ones out there. I must admit I do listen to other podcasts that are not Beekeeping related As far as Beekeeping "Beekeepers Corner" is a great show, I would leave a link but it will get removed by the forum. If you Google 'Top Beekeeping Podcasts', I have a listed of all the active Beekeeping ones. See ya...Gary
  5. New Zealand Beekeeper Magazine

    I like podcasts more
  6. Swarm Removal, and Ethics

    This is very upsetting sorry to read that Alastair. Do you know if the school reported it the swarm to multiple sources council, bee club etc?
  7. Beebusters 7 Sharp TV1 14/11

    Yes I saw it, looks like they are a couple picking up swarms for free and selling the bees. Good on them for getting the media attention. You can watch it here:- (I suspect link will be removed) https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/business-man-turned-bee-buster-do-swarm-bees-congregates-in-your-backyard
  8. Paying for access to swarms - wait, whaaaat?

    Hi All, Yes, it was our FREE Swarm Catchers list that was used by this individual. He called everyone on our list to try and get beekeepers to join his paid service, without our knowledge or permission. Some of the beekeepers thought we were involved in this business, please understand We have nothing to do with this individual. If you are a new beekeeper, please understand you don't need to pay for swarm calls, Please join our Free Bee Swarm Catchers List. We want to help save bees from Exterminators killing them, which is what was happening in Auckland. We were involved in a submission to Council for their call centre to call Beekeepers rather than Pest Exterminators. This is why we created this free resource for the Beekeeper community in New Zealand. Thanks Gary and Margaret kiwimana
  9. Swarm collectors Wellington

    Hi Rob, We also maintain a list and five or so people in the Wellington region, it's over HERE Here is the current Wellington Region Swarm Catchers:-
  10. We have just launched a new free application to make it much easier to listen to our show. The Application can be downloaded to your Phone or Tablet and you can take the kiwimana Buzz on the road with you. The application allows you to listen to the shows or download them to listen while you are not connected to the Internet, like in your car or on the treadmill. You can even listen to podcasts while you are building beehive Frames. How to install the kiwimana buzz Application - Android How to install the kiwimana buzz Application - Apple/IOS
  11. Auckland Beekeepers Club


    Hope the weather improves before Sat Martin
  12. Beekeeping Programs???

    Thanks @Dennis Brown We were mentioned on the Bad Beekeeping blog the other day, this article gives a great overview of what we do. The Kiwi Beekeeping Podcast is Back!
  13. Whoops

  14. Beekeeping Programs???

    Thanks to @Jimboeri and @Mark K for mentioning us, Thanks Guys!!! Yes we have been a Beekeeping Podcast/Show from Waitakere for the last four years!. We interview amazing beekeepers from all around the world and also New Zealand , we discuss beekeeping news stories that are popular over the previous month. We returned this week from our winter holiday and here is our latest show @Dennis Brown:- [media] [/media] Also has @Jimboeri said we maintain a list of beekeeping podcasts from around the world, I'm sure you find some others that you enjoy Dennis. Hope you give us a listen. Thanks...Gary and Margaret kiwimana Buzz Beekeeping Show
  15. The Honeybee Society of New Zealand Inc

    Cool Well hope to catch up there anyway...Gary