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  1. Thanks for all your reply. Just an update, I did a sugar shake test this morning, there were 15 mites off about 300 bess. I should go ahead with MAQS? Also the MAQS has arrived, red the instruction that I should feed the bee well for good food storage before apply the treatment.So I have feed 5L syrup in a frame feeder,for two brood boxes of bees,is it enough and last for 7 days of treatment ? Or can I feed them with top feeder while the treatment is in? Thank you!
  2. Thanks for replying. Could you tell me more the reason for leave queen cells alone? If the one year old queen been laying ok, when the new queen emerge, would there be swam?
  3. Thanks , learnt downsize photo today
  4. I am a beginner,been having bees for a year. I have two questions about my hive, (A bit back groud--This hive is from a split from my original hive last year. The queen seems doing well and there are plenty bees fill up two brood boxes. However, i didn't harvest any homey from this hive, there wasn't any honey in the honey box.There were dead bees outside hive 3 times about a hundred each time with tongues out.My mentor thinks its due to poison plant around) Question A:Since the queen is only a year old,why bees are keep making queen cells ? There are a few capped queen ce
  5. Hi Tristan, Because I think the old queen has been hard working contributing to the hive, like all the other bees, I don't want to kill her when she is less valued, I know it sounds sentimental and I do accidentally kill bees when checking hive.I wonder how the queen dies naturally in nature? Thanks for your reply Qkrwogud,"You could take both queens out and leave them in separate queen cages with sugar and attendants in a cool place for a day, then swap the queens around? So your big hive gets new queen and nuc gets old queen." If I swap the
  6. Hi, This is my first year of bee keeping.I want to replace my queen(at least two years old). what is the best way to do it without killing her? I did a split 3 weeks ago. In the new hive the new queen stated to lay couple days ago. I want to put the new queen in the original hive where there are more bees( to replace the old queen). How shall I introduce the new queen to the original hive? And what shall I do with the old queen, I don't want to kill her. Thank you for your help in advance. Suniti
  7. Thanks to you all for your respond. I did split a pack with a bee keeping group member and used them on the day.
  8. Hi, I hope am in the right place to ask the question. I been having bees since last Dec, so everything is new to me. I treated my hive (only one hive)9 weeks ago with two apivar strips. There are still large varroa mites counts, yesterday's 24 hours counts were 20 mites. I also saw mite on bee. After checking with a bee keeper , I realised that I didn't put the strips in properly-- oneside of the strip sticked to the comb. I only fitted the strips in properly yesterday (hang the strip between the frames with the help of a tooth pick.) There is only one week left
  9. Thank you all for helping, I feel very much welcomed here. I have got the contact. Regards, Suniti
  10. Hi, I am new in bee keeping, I live in Kumeu, is there any club that I can join nearby? Thanks, Suniti
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