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  1. I had a bee inside my suit last weekend. She thought that crawling inside my ear was a good place to hide. Not a pleasant experience
  2. I used to have a Wool Carding business but never realized there was a wool carding bee
  3. And they will pay our Management Agency Levy
  4. I have hive doctor bases and use Oxalic acid vapouriser. Very little vapour comes out of the base. The vapour tends to rise up through the hive
  5. Vince


    Agressive Bees flying everywhere. Fed sugar syrup earlier in the morning. All 3 hives ended up like this.
  6. all very interesting. Im sure my hives have suffered from robbing in the last week. The Warre hive has gone through 6lt of syrup in 3 days. And the honey frames in the 2 Langs have lost a lot of stores Ive just reduced the entrance of the Warre at 8pm from 80mm to 20mm and topped up the feeder(top feeder) There was a mass exodus of a couple of hundred bees. They just hung around the entrance and then slowly drifted back in.
  7. You are right, there are not a lot of stores. Ive started feeding and the hive has had OA treatment. Im wondering why those few eggs were laid on the side of the cell
  8. I have a Warre hive that I opened up on Sunday . Hive is only 2 months old and queen has been very busy. Sunday was a cloudy day and I inspected the frames without shaking off the bees. All looked good until I came to the last frame and saw a few eggs laid on the side of the cell and what looked like multiple eggs in a couple of cells. Quick panic thinking I had a laying worker and what had happened to the queen Spent the evening researching laying workers and solutions Had another inspection today to clarify what I saw yesterday. Sunny today which helped. I shook the bees off the frames this time and saw beautifully laid eggs which could only have come from the queen. Got to the last frame and there were the eggs on the side of the cells. Only a few and only in the one location. So my question is why are some eggs not laid at the bottom of the cell and what is what appears to be multiple eggs . (Or bee poo?) The pics aren't
  9. Thanks M4tt, As a beginner and voyeur on the forum Ive learnt a lot from all the experienced beeks who give their advice on the forum. Its much appreciated
  10. Hey M4tt, I'm curious to know what the outcome was
  11. Thanks Guys. Ive learnt something new.
  12. A 6m deep kitset pole shed costs about $1000 per bay for labour to erect. A 9 m deep shed shouldnt be much more per bay. How did you loose a metre of depth.? The front could have been framed out and a roller door installed without any loss of space
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