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  1. Know how you feel my friend ? Chin up. A very wise lady told me “nobody gets judged for getting AFB, they get judged on how they deal with it”. This is my new mantra moving forward. Sadly the people like us that do everything they’re meant to - report and burn - are not the ones that are the problem...
  2. She sounds like good fun ? I would think (and I’m no expert) that if you’d supplied a heap of queens and they’d all failed then she’d be justified but surely any beekeeper would realize that there’s always the possibility of failure when working with bees...? I wouldn’t be asking for a replacement if I was in that position anyways...
  3. I'm at Pukeokahu out east of Taihape so not too far from you
  4. Hey your profile says you're around Rangataua, is that right...? Near Kune....?
  5. Yeah I had wondered about that. And we can get some rough winters up here too so I'm all for being conservative. The main reason for wanting to make nucs instead of splitting into 2 hives was just for ease of transport into the town block. I'd like to just plop them straight into their new spot but worried they'd not be far enough away and would just fly away home?
  6. Yeah I've gathered that. So when I put my extra box on last week they'd drawn up all their frames in one hive and all but 1/2 a frame in the other hive (they're right beside each other but one seems to be doing better than the other in that respect). But compared with other people's hives that I've seen mine seem to have HEAPS of bees and heaps of brood but they've also now got another 10 undrawn frames to work on too...
  7. Awesome, thanks guys. They're nice strong hives, I've put another box on top and now they're in the process of drawing out the undrawn frames in there. I'll keep an eye on how they're getting on and go from there. Was thinking of splitting into nuc boxes and moving them off the farm for a month before bringing them back and placing them in a new spot. Would this make any difference?
  8. Hey guys. Just after a bit of advice. Was thinking of making a few splits from 2 of my 4 hives. I'll hopefully have a few queen cells to graft into them as well, speeding up the process... but when is the latest you'd advise to make splits? Someone told me recently that I wouldn't want to be making any splits after now, that my hives would be left too weak for winter. But I had thought they'd still have plenty of time to sort themselves out for winter and I'm prepared to feed them through winter if needed... Any advice much appreciated as I'm just starting out
  9. I've decided that suit is my best investment to date! He had been pretending to be a beekeeper when he was playing so it was really cool that he was able to see it all up close!
  10. [USER=72]@Trevor Gillbanks[/USER] haha yep, soon enough it'll be him giving the instructions!
  11. [USER=72]@Trevor Gillbanks[/USER] thanks!!! I'm a super proud mum today. He didn't want to go near any frames with lots of bees on but we compromised with this one! I'm almost ready for another brood box already!!
  12. Hi guys - I just had to show off my little 3 year old and his first time coming with me to see the bees!! That's my boy!! Massive thanks to @John B for the fantastic suit - we are VERY happy!
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