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  1. A year of use with my three layer suit and I haven't been stung through it. I still get zapped occasionally through the fingers as I wear nitrile gloves only, and today on the ankles as I was wearing sneakers.
  2. I'm working on my smoker technique at the moment. I like Trev's videos, I'm also a big fan of the University of Guelph YouTube series for great information. This is their smoker one https://youtube.com/jyCpSO5lKpk I have a standard and a jumbo smoker, both from eBay. They work ok, nothing amazing but they were half the price of a quality one so I'm ok with bellows on the jumbo tore a bit so I patched it with duct tape for now. I've found that packing the chamber properly and then putting a piece of paper on top as a plug has been the biggest help. My smoker has gone from running for te
  3. The cook and I got one each last summer, and we love them. It gets to 45C here so anything helps. I wear T shirt and shorts underneath and feel way cooler than I did in a normal suit. The wife burnt a small hole in hers with the smoker once that was easily stitched up, and I broke the main zipper when I tripped over while getting undressed. $20 on ebay got me a metal zipper that is much better, and the wife installed it. Like in Trevor's video above the pockets are a bit low, and the mesh directly above the pockets means the hive tools catches an edge when you put it in. I'm going to add s
  4. Second extraction of the season (and second ever) today. 34 FD frames, I think I got about 60-70kg. The hot hive was surprisingly gentle which made for a nice exchange. I think I got more honey per frame last time but I'm still happy. Next extraction will be the end of Feb.
  5. The owner did ask if we wanted to do that but I declined. I didn't think it was going to be this hard, lesson learnt
  6. Got called to a backyard with a newly moved in swarm today. The owner thought the bees had been there for maybe a week, or maybe it was a few weeks, she really wasn't sure. A quick look and I saw this I didn't manage to get any pictures of the cutout itself as my hands were covered in honey, but I guesstimated it was six months old. There was comb running the full length of the suitcase, maybe seven layer shoes deep at most. I didn't see the queen unfortunately. I brought my only spare hive, a four frame nuc. That was a mistake. An 8 frame super would have been more appropriate based
  7. I like free, water based outdoor paint. Free because it's free, water based because it's easier to clean up, and outdoor because it lasts. Three coats works well enough for me.
  8. I live in desert country in Western Australia. We have cold, dry winters, and very hot dry summers, with rain co ing sporadically through the year. We can start extracting honey in September, and might go through until April or so. Local commercial guys move their bees south to the coast for the warmer winter, but I'm just a hobbyist so I don't bother.
  9. I just joined this forum today. Shame I didn't see this sooner a second a friend in Perth just can't find any swarms or hives to collect. The weather has been rubbish, and the interest in flow hives has made demand explode.
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