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  1. I’m thinking of moving an extra hive to my sons place but he only lives a bit less than 2kms away. The hive is fairly new from a swarm but is already busy collecting pollen. do you think that will be far enough and are there any tricks to doing this? thanks justin
  2. Would it be best to remove any honey frames from brood box and replace with new frames. I don’t have any spare drawn out frames
  3. Ok thanks. So another honey box or is it likely not enough space in the brood boxes?
  4. That’s the landing zone at the front of the hive. The photo has gone sideways.
  5. Hi there im feeling a little nervous that I have another swarm brewing. B2 my second hive swarmed last weekend. It wasn’t a big swarm and I recaptured but accidentally squashed the new queen of the swarm when putting into new hive. The remaining bees went back to original hive (B2) I went through b2 after swarm and found another queen cell which I removed. It is a double brood box so I also swapped the brood boxes around as top one was full of brood and bottom was about half full. I have also put another honey box on top as first box is capped. it is
  6. Seems like there was only one Queen. They have all headed back to original hive
  7. Hi there one of my hives swarmed. I recaptured but in the process I think I squashed the Queen when I put into a brood box. All the bees have gone into the box so definitely a Queen in there. Just not sure if she survived. will I need to requeen or could I just put box back into original hive?
  8. Thanks all. Sounds like they’re not robbers as it has been happening in the afternoon after rain and plenty of pollen still coming in and no sign of fighting. Think I’ll remove the leaf camouflage I put in the front!
  9. Have noticed over the past few days a lot more activity with one of hives. bees are still bringing in pollen but each day seems to be a period where there are a lot more bees coming in and out of hive and generally flying round in front. I can’t see any fighting but am wondering if this is just normal behavior or robbing. I have reduced the entrance size and also put some leafy branches in front of opening which seems to calm things over time. any thoughts or extra things to identify robbing? thanks.
  10. OK thanks for the help @M4tt i'm thinking I just leave both hives to it and check them both in a week. If there is a new queen in the second hive will she deal to the capped queen cell?
  11. My other hive which is about a meter away from the split has now got very active and I just spotted a queen fly into this one. Is it possible the queen would return to the wrong hive? i made the original split when first hive swarmed and took 3 frames of brood out and put into new hive along with a queen cell.
  12. I have a second hive that Today started to swarm. There were a large number of bees flying around outside hive and then big number clumped in front of hive and at entrance. they then calmed down and started going back into the hive. I decided to have a look inside and saw 5 frames of drawn Comb with 2 that had either nectar or capped honey. 3 frames had a mixture of nectar or capped brood. (I made this hive from a split a week ago) there was a capped queen cell on one brood frame but no eggs that I could see and I couldn’t see a queen. Is it possible
  13. Great thanks john. Will keep an eye out for anymore.
  14. I have just put swarm into bee box and noticed this bee on the front. Much darker colour than the other bees? Is it a worker or new queen?
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