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  1. Thanks all. Sounds like they’re not robbers as it has been happening in the afternoon after rain and plenty of pollen still coming in and no sign of fighting. Think I’ll remove the leaf camouflage I put in the front!
  2. Have noticed over the past few days a lot more activity with one of hives. bees are still bringing in pollen but each day seems to be a period where there are a lot more bees coming in and out of hive and generally flying round in front. I can’t see any fighting but am wondering if this is just normal behavior or robbing. I have reduced the entrance size and also put some leafy branches in front of opening which seems to calm things over time. any thoughts or extra things to identify robbing? thanks.
  3. OK thanks for the help @M4tt i'm thinking I just leave both hives to it and check them both in a week. If there is a new queen in the second hive will she deal to the capped queen cell?
  4. My other hive which is about a meter away from the split has now got very active and I just spotted a queen fly into this one. Is it possible the queen would return to the wrong hive? i made the original split when first hive swarmed and took 3 frames of brood out and put into new hive along with a queen cell.
  5. I have a second hive that Today started to swarm. There were a large number of bees flying around outside hive and then big number clumped in front of hive and at entrance. they then calmed down and started going back into the hive. I decided to have a look inside and saw 5 frames of drawn Comb with 2 that had either nectar or capped honey. 3 frames had a mixture of nectar or capped brood. (I made this hive from a split a week ago) there was a capped queen cell on one brood frame but no eggs that I could see and I couldn’t see a queen. Is it possible
  6. Great thanks john. Will keep an eye out for anymore.
  7. I have just put swarm into bee box and noticed this bee on the front. Much darker colour than the other bees? Is it a worker or new queen?
  8. My bees have just swarmed. They only swarmed to a tree about 2 meters from the original hive. I have managed to get them all into a box. The original hive still still has a reasonable amount of bees. Hiw far away should I locate another hive with the swarmed bees. Can I put another hive right beside the original or do they need to be located a few meters away? I’m in a backyard so a bit limited for space.
  9. So last year I had a successful harvest of ross rounds. Have been slowly using them (mainly on toast) But the latest one I used has crystallised which is dissappointing. I don't mind crystallised honey but it is definitley better runny in comb in my opinion. Is it normal to do this. I have stored in cupboard so in dark cool place. Is there a way to prevent this happening? My honey in containers has also crystallised so wondered if it is just the makeup of the honey - does storing in glass vs plastic jars help? Thanks Justin
  10. I have had a lot of bees hanging out the front of the hive. I have removed a couple of queen cells a couple of weeks ago and added 2 empty frames to one brood box to give more space. Put 2 frames of capped honey up to honey super. Is this just normal behavior hanging out the front. Took this early morning so it wasn’t too hot.
  11. No egg in it. Just scrape off next time?
  12. just did a check of my hive today. Lot more bees this week compared to last week. just wondering what a couple of pictures are showing? Are some brood drone (I noticed a few bigger bees) these were on the bottom of a couple of the frames in the bottom box. And one which was in the middle of other brood but was like an igloo with a dome. Is this a queen cells. Does anyone have any pictures of queen cells that they could post so I know what to look for.
  13. ok thanks I actually put them in EEEBssBBssBEEE ok? or worth repositioning I will definitely recheck in 3 weeks
  14. Depending on how treatment goes should I consider requeening and if so when? I set my hive up in October last year from a swarm I caught. It is currently 2 brood boxes.
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