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  1. Just a quick question asking how many hives are allowed in an urban Auckland setting. I've been a beekeeper for four years but cannot find any guideline of regulations. Due to swarming I think we might have too many, I thought it was five. Can anyone enlighten me. Thanks :)
  2. Good advice, but unfortunately can't do Last year was my first year beekeeping and I had a brilliant hive, just the one, but sadly lost it late autumn. Now I have two hives from swarms. The other hive swarmed, a week after it was rehoused. I did spot a capped queen cell when last opened, two weeks ago. Fingers crossed it has mated successfully. So I need to intervene in the queenless hive and think the only way is to introduce capped queen cells or a virgin queen.
  3. Hi Alastair, wish they were but I am buying three either this afternoon or tomorrow and placing into the queenless hive.
  4. I'm a second year beekeeper. Three weeks ago I caught a swarm. On first inspection I did not see any eggs (I'm hopeless at spotting the queen). The hive was busy, lots of bees coming and going, even put on a second brood box on during this first inspection as they were fairly tight with space. On second inspection after going through all the frames (20), the only eggs I spotted were two, which were on the side of a cell. Also found a couple of large drone brood cells, which had already hatched. It looked like the hive was queenless! I have located three capped queen cells - what is the
  5. Hi Tristan, The first tray was 2/3s empty.......
  6. 1 tray initially then another tray two weeks later. I've just reread the instructions and it looks like we should have put on two trays initially and then another 2 weeks later!!! Each tray contains 50grms. Apiguard 50g tray - box of 10 | Varroa Treatment | Ceracell Beekeeping Supplies | Auckland | New Zealand
  7. apiguard, first dose 15 April, second 1 May
  8. I sure can, but need to get into hive tomorrow to do so
  9. Found just one bee with tongue out, freaked a bit as thought it could be AFB but was at Auckland Beekeepers AFB refresher course and I'm confident I can spot that.
  10. Thanks Tristan. Do you mean we should have reduced the frames to just the one box. We went in a week ago and there were several bees clustered in the middle of the top brood box. Took out the outer frame (mouldy) and replaced with a honey frame. Good to know the weather had nothing to do with it. Maybe we were just too late with our varroa treatment (mid April).
  11. We went into our hive today for a quick inspection. The behaviour of our bees, before we opened the hive was different, there was a lot of activity around the entrance and also in the air. Whereas over the pasts couple of weeks the activity was limited with not many bees coming and going. Varroa treatment only has another week before its complete and the entrance was only reduced about a week ago. It's been cold and wet in Auckland of late. We added installation at the bottom and under the hive lid, only a week ago as well as chopping several hedges and branches to allow more sun. We hav
  12. Yes we do but the bees are also hanging in a small cluster under the base near the entrance. We added the second brood box on 20 November - non drawn frames.
  13. I went to look at my bees after work tonight and this is what I saw. They were hanging off each other - is this normal for a hot day in Auckland - 24 deg? Or are they thinking of swarming? We have two 3/4 brood boxes + 1 3/4 super and a half round comb super. Advice welcome. Thanks
  14. Donna K

    Bees 211216

    Hi - is this scene normal? I took this photo only an hour ago. It has been a hot day in Auckland today, high of 24 deg. Are they getting ready to swarm?
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