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  1. I had my honey tested by Analytica this yeah, @Alastair . I'm pretty sure AFB was listed as an option on their test form. Probably best to contact them directly.
  2. @Grant , @Trevor Gillbanks The unfortunate way this article has reposed on facebook make it look like Jose (assumin that is him in his profile pic) is the alledged poisoner!
  3. my samples came back clean, unsurprisingly - west side of Hamilton city.
  4. 2 3 excel; 1 tab per hive and I have a tab I set up to track the dates for queens for my spring nucs.
  5. if it was @frazzledfozzle expressing that sort of sentiment, the C would stand for Carnies...
  6. stupid auto-combine. this comment weas inspired by Alistair's post: We need an "OMG!!" button, @Grant For something like that you would need to be able to prove negligence, I would think. Good luck with that.
  7. so thats 3.2km... (had to use an online converter...) that would stuff a lot of urban beekeepers, but its an interesting idea.
  8. Do you do the extracting yourself, or get someone to do it for you?
  9. I suspect I am not the only really little beekeeper to have this view: I have a hobby. Registering with Assure Quality / the NPMP is anlogous to registering a dog, and I think that is fair. However I'm not in an industry. And I dont expect to have to help pay for an industry.
  10. Have you tired a photocopier? :-P (seriously, don't. its very illegal to photocopy money)
  11. I called my first queen 'Tabitha' - because I kept her in a TBH :-D
  12. Hi Jeff, If you looking for locals, I think your nearest bee club is Thames (but I could be wrong).
  13. My apiary is in my garden, so I made as apiary sign with brass letter-box numbers. One beek told me it was the "flashest damn rego sign [he'd] ever seen".
  14. the point I was making is that this is not necessarily a good plan for *all* beekeepers, as your post implied.
  15. Mine are in the middle of a city, down a RoW and on a rooftop. I don't think brands would make a difference to my 2-hive apiary. For a big commercial aipary on the other hand, that would be a different matter.
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