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  1. There is a site on YouTube which covers the making of your own wax foundation. The site is "Using Homemade Wax Foundation and starter strips" ( It Is made by Tim Rowe the founder of the Rose Hive Method of bee Keeping) Tim Rowe cover the making , tempering and finished foundation sheets hope you find it informative PS added on to posting Tim Rowe site " How To Make thin Sheets Of Beeswax For Foundation, Starter Strips"
  2. Same as to day keep hive dry ,ventilated, area with a mixed supply of pollen and nectar.
  3. Cutting off the bottom 50 mm is very easy make sure you us the right saw blade. there is no reason that you need to add a bottom strip to the bottom of the frame, the bees know when to stop.
  4. I had the same problem in December, I used wood pellets in the smoker for the first time, and the bees were all over me like a hot rash. The wood pellets gave of to much heat, have stop using them. It"s a combination of many things listen to all the advice and you will work out what (may have) happened. GOOD LUCK!
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