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  1. Recipe called for the acids to be included at the start so that is what I did. So far so good... Thank you for the info.
  2. Colin, last year I tried this recipe; 5kg honey (I used Arataki rewarewa as I had none of my own yet) .6g Tanin 24g wine nutrient (added in three lots during the ferment) 1 packet Vinters harvest SN9 Yeast this produced a 'dry wine' type mead after about 8 months in the bottle that was very acceptable, even to other people. If you want more than a slim chance that you will be able to enjoy your mead rather than endure it, then there is more to it than a 'simple' recipe. This year I have added Tartaric and Mallic acid to the recipe since research has pointed out that th
  3. Seems 3/4 plastic frames are in short supply in NZ. Anyone know where I can get 40? ps. ecroyds can not supply 'til next year
  4. it is clear from the scientific research (I even have a graph to prove it) that global warming is directly related to the decline in the number of pirates. the solution to global warming is simple... become a pirate. "In the beginning there was the word... and the word was 'arrggh'".
  5. ... if only the rivers were clean enough to wash in.
  6. I have a frozen queen as a result of requeening last year, what do i do with her? I can recall reading someone suggesting she be squished to the underside of a convenient branch nearish to the hive. The logic being that if the hive does swarm they will settle and be easy to collect. If the alternative is to bin her, its worth a crack maybe.
  7. I don't need another reason to not rock climb, but if I did, this would be it. A climber found dead and covered with bee stings may have disturbed the insects by hammering a spike into an Arizona cliff, authorities have said. The Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office said the body of 55-year-old Steven Johnson was found hanging from a cliff in the Santa Rita Mountains south of Tucson. Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada said: "He had been stung repeatedly and he was dangling there. "He was climbing the cliff and was about 70ft up and still had about 80ft to go, so he really didn't h
  8. Alastair, just got back in from installing the strips, luckily I had incorporated your suggestions in my plan of attack. Wore gloves too. All went well but both hives, the weaker in particular, are more agitated than usual. Thank you for the tip about sugar syrup. The smoke did the trick. Used some old hesian sack and had lovely cool, white smoke. Put inspection boards in at the same time as the strips. I'm keen to seen what they produce. Leason learnt. :rolleyes:
  9. I hadn't thought of this angle, sounds valid.
  10. I had planned to install varroa strips in my two hives but as soon as I took the top and first box off the first hive I was stung repeatedly by some very unhappy bees. A few stings on the hands and quite a few though the suit. The bees were making it very clear that they wanted me away, their behaviour was very aggressive. I dropped everything and beat a hasty retreat. I then spent a while trying to work out what had just happened. I put the suit in the wash and my daughter put on her suit, got a smoker going well and headed off to put the hive, which I had hastily left, back together agai
  11. I hardly use smoke at all so that is not likely to be the cause. Lots of buttercup around at the time they were making the honey...
  12. Trevor, funny you should say that, we have already been talking about doing a split in the spring. Love the way this hobby grows on you.
  13. I have been using the white inspection tray with hive doctor bases on both my two new (Dec 2012) nucs. I spray with cooking oil (lightly) and leave for 1 to 5 days. So far I have been unable to detect varroa with this method. Do I treat? My gut says no... keep monitoring, wait until varroa is detected then treat. I suspect there may be other views. I have seen varroa at a bee course and have the varroa book so feel reasonably certain I can identify the adult varroa. Even got the magnifying glass out, lots of wax flakes and 'rubbish' but nothing that looks varroa like.
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