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  1. jasper


    I do not wish to link to the video but yes the animals died near a swampy creek that bees could be utilizing as a water source.
  2. jasper


    Simply that bees were observed on carcasses of animals that were confirmed by DOC to have died of 1080.
  3. jasper


    In the Waikato when the chopper pilot either missed his way points for the drop or the farmers fences were inadequate, when 8 cows last year died from 1080 poisoning bees were observed on the carcasses. DOCS own testing confirmed 1080 was the cause of the cows death.
  4. Thank you Trevor for the pressure sprayer idea. Just back from jamming the nozzle and wand down the entrance and getting as far back as the hose allowed and pumping the nest full of 91 unleaded. Will go back tomorrow morning and see how it worked. Spotted another sizable underground nest this afternoon and that got the same treatment.
  5. I dont have any carbryl, I usually use "kiwicare no wasps powder" which is pymethren and Daitomos Earth. However as Guard wasps buzz me when I am about 2 metres away. I am not keen to get that close I have dealt to plenty of wasp nests this year and I can tell this one is massive and once disturbed they will be very dangerous because of the sheer numbers- the flight line look's like a beehive on a sunny day. Vespex would do it as they are still bringing back insects to the nest but I don't have the training. Is cat food and ant poison a safe option?
  6. I have found a wasp nest on public land that's too big for me to deal with. It's in a riverbank about 4 metres from the water and the entrance is the size of a rabbit hole. Because of the entrance being horizontal I can't do the petrol in a Coke bottle thing and because of size of the nest and the coming and going wasps I am not game to try blowing powder down the entrance. Who's responsible for destroying the nest District council or regional council? My only other idea is to sit and spray black flag on the flight path till numbers are low enough to get close enough to jam a hose down the hole to get the petrol where it needs to be to kill the nest.
  7. Yes i do think it's a laying worker. If the weather fines up over the weekend I will try to get a photo.
  8. No I have never seen her- but I know she was there before because she had previously laid worker brood in drawn out frames I gave the hive.
  9. Opened up hive today and had good look through. No larvae. Small patch of eggs some cells with more than one egg. Sadly the hive looks like it isn't going to make it.
  10. I have a very weak hive I cut out of a hollow punga log about 8 weeks ago. I rubber banded the brood comb and honey stores into 3/4 frames and gave them some drawn 3/4 plastic frames to play with. There was obvious varroa so they have had 1 treatment of apistan. I had been feeding them heavy sugar syrup in a frame feeder. They have moved off the old comb and are clustering on 3 frames. They have only about a 1/4 of a frame of capped honey They have brood and on warm days are bringing in pollen. I have just got a Hive DR top feeder so I can feed them without disturbing the cluster on cold days. My question is what should I be feeding such a weak hive? Heavy syrup or lighter to encourage laying?
  11. Does Scymnus loewii – Dusky Ladybird help control Giant Willow Aphid? I see its commercially availible in nz for biological control of aphids.
  12. Um i forgot my password. So i just rang up the apairy register gave my Apairy number and the nice person on the phone gave me my password. No questions asked. Not the most secure system....
  13. I intend saving up and doing the Vespex thing next year. The wasps were off to a slow start this season but are now going crazy for the Aphids on the willows by the river.
  14. I am considering trying a Topbar hive but wonder how do you deal with reducing the enterances to deal with wasps? My wooden hive bases i just reduce with any old block of wood and my Hive Doctor bases have the simple red disc to reduce the entrance. The topbar hive plans i like the look of has 3 holes for an entrance on the side - does one just jam wine corks in 2 of the 3 holes if wasps are giving the hive a hard time?
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