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  1. Agree at least a phone number of the bee keeper could be shared that the bee keeper chooses to list publicly, i wouldn't want addresses given out as urban keepers addresses are generally where the bees are kept like me and theft is rampant enough.
  2. Same, not all of New Zealand including parts of the city centres are on fibre. Part of Hastings and Napier cities are still not on fibre. I am sure the company eroteck use for POS are adept in the technology they use for POS given most card swipe systems and the printers are pretty much universal across the country. Calling Shenanigans ( reads to me basically stating she is lying or making up excuses) and that she is just a PR person (she is actually an employee who chooses to use this forum to engage directly with the customer base) seems a bit off. Plenty of other companies do not bother to engage on this level via forums. We can be grateful she does and at least take what she is saying on face value and that is truthful and not shenanigans.
  3. Likely because there was a panic buy of what they got of the new stuff..hopefully they will restock soon.
  4. Yes, came out of a queen supercede cell today. I can take the idea that Rob mentioned and make up a polystyrene nuc tomorrow. Till such time is the real nuc box arrives i would hope by Wednesday. By then i would hope she would have hatched out of the cage into the frames and she doesnt fly off as i move them over..into the real one.
  5. Will have a look, i have a plastic queen excluder i can cut up too to make a entrance so she stays in till the actual nuc box arrives. Hopefully she does not fly off the frame when i move them into the actual nuc boxes..
  6. Good point. Actually will pop into clive fish and chips, remember he said on FB they had polystyrene boxes he wanted to get rid off.
  7. No i am splitting out/taking out some frames out of my strongest hive into a brand new nuc box that i have coming from cerracel. My strongest hive is already two brood boxes full, its even 3/4 drawn out a honey super and already almost filled it with a early flow. I am trying to combat swarming...
  8. Hello all, While inspecting my hive we found a queen cell that was practically opening with a lovely queen inside. I am planning to de-power that hive and have a new nuc box on order hoping it will arrive mid week. My mate and i managed to put her in and a couple of nurse bees into a used queen cage and then tape up the end. I put in a few drops of sugar syrup on the vent which they took up pretty quickly. Now i need her to stay in there until my nuc arrives middle of next week. How should i look after her and keep her happy? She is in our bedding cupboard at the moment. I am able to make up some queen candy and wonder if i should get that in straight away or just feed a couple drops of syrup a day and wait till the nuc arrives before putting the candy in? I am not in a position to put her anywhere else at the moment until the nuc arrives as both of my hives are already queened.
  9. So i got the dreaded phone call from the wife today. The neighbors have a swarm in there garden...i thought "oh bother me" one my hives must have swarmed, given the wet weather i had not been able to get into them for almost 14 days. I accelerated my car to 101kph to hastle my travels home. My biggest concern was maintaining friendly neighbor relations in a urban area and second it was one of mine. I got home and checked my hives, thankfully it came from neither of my hives by the looks of it they are still choker full of bees and this swarm looks to be a hive boxes worth at least. However delima two is i am not set up for swarm collection. I have a box i use for placing my actual hives onto when working mine and four waxed frames spare. It was 1730hrs in the evening, a few phone calls to my mentors @Rob Stockley and Carl for some advice on how to tackle this, the picture is the best i could do at the last minute. I placed this hive box on two bits of wooden stake to keep it off the ground and nudged it gently against the wall of the bees hanging over the brick garden edging...i took a couple of handfuls of bees and put them into the box to encourage the others to hopefully go in. But by now the sun was rapidly disappearing...at last light they had moved up the edge of the hive box on the outside and inside but most remained out i guess to sleep under the stars. After taking this photo i moved the make shift lid back a little to give them a top entrance if they decided to walk up and over and not just from underneath. Hopefully as its a warmish night most survive and they start there March in the morning. Shame however on Hastings District council, my neighbors did ring them to be told by the pest control department, that the bees will fly off soon enough and they had no one to contact to come and collect the swarm as they were all busy... So i shall update in the morning on how it went or didnt go so well..if its a loss, well at least its not mine..but if its a gain i need to find a new home for these fellas as i only want to manage two hives to be honest, i dont really want a third lol. Oh and I welcome feedback on my set up or constructive criticism as i am looking to learn from this. Oh and thanks to Rob and carl for entertaining my phone calls in the evening of a friday with i am sure wives shaking there heads at them when the topic of bees was heard...thanks for your support.
  10. Been in a government dept you have to be careful with what is taken from meetings, it could have been an idea floated by one person present as "blue sky thinking" and rejected by others. But it only then takes one person to start the Chinese whisper on it and suddenly it becomes reality...when it fact it might not be... Wait till something is published in writing.
  11. True? Does the queen seek protein now/this time of the year?
  12. @Philbee @Philbee Do you just seal the zip lock bag but tape part of it with gib tape (not sure what you mean by the wick if you have a photo) and does the acid just seep through the gib tape, the only other questions i have is how long would you soak the foam in for or is it a case of dip it in the acid and straight into the bag? Can these be stored or is it a case of make them and use them the same day assuming the acid will dry out of the foam.
  13. temps are meant to be (daily) 10-30 degrees so yes. Came home from work and well the pile hasn't got any bigger...peeked under one of the hive lids and the bees seem to be going about there business. So happy now that is a normal kill rate for maqs
  14. Is this a normal by product of using MAQs, i just hope my queens is not in that lot? Its the first time i have used it, so not sure what to see. I put in the application yesterday afternoon.
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