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  1. Hi @Trevor Gillbanks just wondering if you are still selling these stencils, if so can you please PM me as need a few more. Kind Regards Jenn
  2. Must try this.. I have been using an electric fry pan but am onto my third in 3 months as elements keep seizing up.
  3. Good tip Richard, been having same problem with uneven coating. Thanks will try.
  4. Hi @Trevor Gillbanks , I am also quite new to the forum and would like some information on ordering your stencils. Are you please able to send me some info. Thanks Jenn
  5. Just wondering what type of rollers you use for waxing frames. I have tried microfibre but does. Not seem to last long
  6. Hadn't seen any of these books before, thanks for the post, definitely worth a read.
  7. Tried Megabee patties and they worked well
  8. Glad you are ok, thanks for sharing link to pharmacy, definitely need to look into getting this
  9. Jenndaz


    Thanks for the tips, just started getting wasps around.
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