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  1. How do you feel about the possibility of them overheating? Long shot but hey. I have cooked a few hives in HD boxes they were locked in tho.
  2. I use corrosion x give it a clean first then spray it around works very well you can buy it buy the gallon or in pressurised cans
  3. I also have one of the mentioned breeder queens, who is sitting in the breeding yard muddling along however the same can not be said for all of the daughters that she has produced they are going fantastic. I wouldn't be squishing your queen just yet
  4. curious do you lightly syrup feed yours
  5. Yes please when do you think you will be doing that
  6. How has this set up gone for you and have you made any changes to it since? Im in need of one and think something like this would be perfect, and I cant really justify spending 3k on a condor one
  7. Honestly mate there will be :crap: loads of hives around you. Mating will not be a problem so long as the weather is ok
  8. I'm not sure if this will help you but it might. We use mini mating nucs and when first starting them up we shake out all the bees we need to get them going from brood frames at a different apiary than were they are going to be placed. We then load the mini nucs with bees syrup and a cell and lock them up inside in our shed were it is nice and cool. We keep the mini nucs inside for a few days until the evening that the queen cell(s) are meant to have hatched. We then take them to there site and open them up. We have found that if you dont lock the minis up when first starting them up using a cell they will just all fly away. You need to have that virgin hatched to hold the bees in the nucs
  9. I would leave the Nuc were it is now you have nothing to worry about check back in 2 weeks and I would say there is a very good chance there will be eggs.
  10. I can almost 100% guarantee that there will be plenty of hives within 5-10km of your apiary Just because you can't see them from the road doesn't mean they aren't there.
  11. In my opinion I don't think that is a very good idea as I am sure a large amount of field bees ( if not all) will still return to the original hives site. Your best bet would be to move your hives 3km away for 3-4 weeks then bring them back to there new position.
  12. Those are great looking cells!
  13. Jared@bex


    Not sure if you have chosen the wrong photo but that yellow bee in the middle is a drone.
  14. Jared@bex

    This years best

    This is our best hive so far this season depending on how things go it might yet get another box. This hive has also had 2 nucs removed. We run Carni in a single brood box.
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