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  1. I wonder if overstocking on some areas is pushing the bees to forage things they shouldn't.
  2. We thought about talking the boss into putting a kayak rack on the trucks. But opted for harvest frames.
  3. What do you base that certainty on?
  4. We've had manuka in flower up here since early may. The daffodils are up. I've even seen the odd pohutakawa with a flower or 2. My concern though, is that the manuka hasn't stopped its flower. It hasn't produced much, but they got a fair bit of pollen out. Do the plants need a down time? Do they need to "reset"? The way I see it, they had a couple of months of no flower after harvest, then started again. There are still buds on the trees. Surely this is bad omen for the spring flow? Any thoughts?
  5. That would top off an already bad day.:unsure:
  6. Yeah, I reckon that could be it. Doesn't read well though. I might have to rub a bit on me to see if I get a reaction. Obviously doesn't effect the bees though
  7. Hmm.. possibly. It's quite similar to a few of the fraxinus, but the flowers seem quite different. I wonder if possibly it is a lonely male
  8. This tree at the bottom of the drive is humming. It seems to keep loaded with pollen for a few weeks early summer late spring. The bees go crazy over it. beesontree.mp4
  9. Yeah, I'll be happy to take part. Will be taking first sample tomorrow.
  10. bali_nz


    That's awesome. Big swarm if it is just the one
  11. I'm curious what proportion of tests come back positive, (over the limits set) I guess it would depend on the size of the harvest being sampled
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