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  1. Hey guys, earlier in the season I bought 100x 3 frame FD supers hoping to start raising queens and building up bees for nucs in them, but due to land unavailability I wasnt able to get around to it. Since this is not a popular item, where should I go to sell the unused gear? Any suggestions is well appreciated as I need to get rid of the gear
  2. When do y'all reckon the main honey flow will start this year? Based in Auckland, and want to be ready when it hits
  3. Having checked the equipment in the shed today I noticed some of the drawn frames I stored over winter has got some light mold on the surface of the wax. Should I scrape it all off and remelt or will the bees sort itself out?
  4. I also heard feedbees goes hard real quickly and becomes unusable. Is this true?
  5. I want to try expand my hive numbers quickly before the honey flow this year so thought maybe I could try help it out a bit
  6. What concentration of sugar : water do you use?
  7. Hey Nikki! Do you have a recipe you don't mind sharing?
  8. What are people's thoughts on the Vitahive pollen substitutes Ecrotek is selling? Looking to introduce pollen patties into the hives late next week and looking for opinions on products available
  9. Question: what weight should my hives be if I lift the front with a scale? I am overwintering single FD brood.
  10. Whats the weight you should be hitting for single FD brood box?
  11. @dansar where do you get those awesome entrance discs?
  12. Looking to put a full dosage (2 strips) of the MAQS in single brood full depth hives for autumn treatment until spring treatment. Since the time frame is so short unlike apivar etc, when should I put them in ?
  13. @frazzledfozzle Ahh that makes sense. Would be great to see photos if you ever find the time to though!
  14. @frazzledfozzle any photos for reference? and the number of queens you putting in the boxes?
  15. @frazzledfozzle @Alistair how do you guys package your queens? I was thinking of putting them in ceracell cages, but how do you send them in larger quantities? Just poke holes in courier bags?
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