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  1. I'm surprised a single frame would be enough to sustain the colony. How do they fare long-term?
  2. Given it's 2 frames deep, and therefore 3 sides of the frames she is not visible on, I'd say, if anything, she has a preference for hanging out on the visible side as I'm sure she's visible more than 25% of the time. Maybe she watches tv. I never used a blackout screen and they never seemed to mind the light.
  3. Thanks Rob. Yes it is my gear, known disease free. Just a few frames I had in a sealed nuc box that escaped the wrath of the wax moths. Cheers
  4. Hi I'm just getting back into bee keeping after a few years hiatus. I just trapped a swarm this evening and will move them from the trap (that just has bare foundationless frames) to a hive on Thursday. I don't actually have any foundation on hand but I have a few built up empty frames from about 5 years ago. Would it be better to give them the old frames or nothing pending getting some foundation when I get to town? Cheers
  5. Hi Nikki. I would like to talk to you about bee keeping on GB. Hi Nikki. I would like to talk to you about bee keeping on GB. I wonder if you might get in touch with me? Thanks
  6. Thanks. Your comment is encouraging, and that brings me to my next question, which I posted as another thread, NZBF: - Bee bait alternatives to lemongrass
  7. Hi folks. I've often heard that lemongrass makes a good lure for swarm traps but it is a tropical plant and although you can keep it alive indoors over winter I'm just wondering if people know of alternatives that grow here in the south? For example I have lemon balm and lemon verbena growing at home. Does anyone know if they work similarly well? Yes, I know I can just buy some lemongrass oil but I seem to like making things difficult for myself ;-) Thanks, Russel.
  8. Hi I would like to make some swarm "traps" and have a bunch of scrap plywood, some of which is probably treated, although fairly old. I would never use treated wood for a hive but since the swarm is only likely to be in a the trap for a few days to a week before being re-hived I was wondering if using treated ply would be a problem? Does anyone know how toxic the treating chemicals are to bees in the short term? Will they avoid settling in the trap because of treated wood? Thanks.
  9. I just printed out my number using a stencil font and cut it out of an icecream container lid. Faster than ordering. Too easy.
  10. The good thing about patties is that you don't risk spreading disease.
  11. I'm jealous. I've set some "bee traps" but have had no luck yet. Hopefully swarming season is not over yet.
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