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  1. Happy birthday to us. Our hive is now 1 year old and has donated to our human, 6 full frames of honey for looking after us. (we still have heaps left). We have been fogged with FGMO over winter and had 2 treatments of Api-life, a sugar roll, a sugar shake and a fogging of FGMO with wintergreen oil added. We are still doing well and are busy filling up our hive with honey for the winter. We didnt really like the small cell frames she put in but have become accustomed to these and have new babies hatching in these all the time now. Our brothers are fat (seriously fat) and healthy and we are all looking forward to a glorious new year.
  2. What are bees foraging on 2017/18 season

    Beautiful photo!!!
  3. I have learnt to know when is the best time to open the door to the window. I always shut it when I see more than 4 bees running onto the window. When the floor is 'open', they are running up from below and there are usually alot of them. Funnily enough, they dont seem to mind when I use my phone flashlight at night to watch them. During the day, I have found the best time to have the window open is early evening, they dont seem to be bothered at all.
  4. Observation. I have a glass window on the side of the hive so I can see what is going on. They stop what they are doing and start running around. having said that, I fog through the mesh screen floor, so maybe they have associated the tray being moved out of the way to expecting to have hot FGMO shot through the hive. I think I will start taking notes of what I do and when they become agitated. On windy days, I never open the bottom up, they immediately start running about. There was one day last week where I was watching the hive from under the mesh floor and they werent worried/running at all. That was the day I saw a drone pupa being dragged over to the entrance.
  5. NZBF AFB Check required

    Off topic. This thread is about asking for help in meeting required legal obligations. Take it elsewhere. Mods please close this thread.
  6. NZBF AFB Check required

    I understand about AFB, burning hives, how they get them- Nobody bothered to ask. At this point in time I choose to have somebody else do the legal requirement. ........NOW I am being defensive, before I was merely exasperated. I find it hard to believe that all this has come about because I chose to ask somebody who OFFERED to help me fulfill my legal obligations.
  7. NZBF AFB Check required

    What have you been smoking?
  8. NZBF AFB Check required

    Hi Sailabee, sorry, just saw your post now. I only use dispoable gloves and have tools specific to this hive. When I get others, they will have their own too. I consider these to be part of the hive and if any hive is foound to havd AFB, these will be burnt along with them. Have to say that I have not been washing my veilled jacket after each check,.
  9. NZBF AFB Check required

    I will reiterate, I had my first ever nuc installed on January 1st, this year. I am a She.
  10. NZBF AFB Check required

    Seriously? It is not my moral judgement I trust. I find it unbelievable that somebody could even say such a stupid thing under these circumstances......go back to your beer or whiskey or what ever. I would rather have my hive checked out by a qualified, competent, experienced person than somebody who has minimal experience. I dont pretend to know everything about bees or looking after them and have absolutely no problem in saying so. If you have a problem with this, take it elsewhere.
  11. NZBF AFB Check required

    As I have already stated that I got my nuc installed on the 1st of January, I'm not too sure why you are posting this.
  12. NZBF AFB Check required

    Thank you, I understand what you are aaying and take no exception from it at all. I do intend to take the course. My point was, that I DONT HAVE to do this. Legally, I am only required to have the bees inspected by somebody who is qualified to do so. In some ways, I see it as a benefit to the bees that some else does this check, they do not have a vested interest in ticking any boxes that prehaps should not be ticked.
  13. Varroa and using Burgess Insect fogger

    Hi, I'm interested in how this has been going and what the ratios are that you use.
  14. NZBF AFB Check required

    Sorry, hadnt noticed. It was this sort of thing that put me off joining you guys a couple of years ago.
  15. NZBF AFB Check required

    Thank you