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  1. mischief

    Pollination question

    You can also plant two trees in the same spot if the type you want needs a pollinator....or you can check out the evergrow bags at https://www.evergroworchard.nz/evergrow-bags
  2. mischief

    Queen with a freckle

    Okay, I'm slow. Please, why could it mean that a Queen that has been stung-presumably by another Queen(?) mean that it could turn out to be a Drone layer? Why does being stung lead to this? I am assuming that it is a bee-sting not a varroa bite.
  3. mischief

    What are bees foraging on at present

    My 2 mtr wide Oregano is bouncing with bees, the Houheria in full sun has started flowering with bees checking them out, still quite a few on the Bronze fennel and the winter savory. Marjoram got smothered by the pineapple sage so its not being worked as much as it was last year. One of them has to get moved.
  4. mischief

    Queen with a freckle

    see tired nana just spent a WHOLE week with very active grandson....but yesbut no, good spotting
  5. mischief

    Queen with a freckle

    Okay, so why does having a freckle mean that she may turn out to be a laying worker? I'm not seeing how the two relate. My new Queen is very dark all over, so I doubt I could see a freckle if I tried. I was told to leave the Queen alone- leave her to her attendants or risk damaging her. At my level of inexperience, this still sounds like good advise.
  6. mischief

    Queen with a freckle

    I have not heard of this sort of thing before and have a few questions. What exactly does a freckle on a Queen's abdomen look like? Why would it possibly lead to her being a drone layer? How do you know the bees were raising cells of good genetic disposition? If it was a new swarm, why would you be looking for eggs so early? (I was told, if I caught a swarm that i should leave it alone for at least a month.) Can you please let us know how this situation goes.
  7. mischief

    Chronic re invasion is a Myth?

    And they apparently now also have the original host, not too sure how that works.
  8. mischief

    Autumn feeding strategy

    I havent (and sorry if i am sounding exasperated). Year one I religiously treated with FGMO every two weeks over summer and every month over winter. Along came spring and I had a bad case of DWV, Alistair, on another forum told me to get apivar, I got Apilife not realising that it was not the same thing. Result was, they just took off, almost immediately, like within a week. I queried that cos i could not see how it could have made such a huge difference in such a short space of time and still dont understand this. I did continue with the FGMO over summer but with the wintergreen oil added and in late summer did put in Apilife again but this time on the solid bottom board because I forgot to put it in when I was inspecting the hive. I forgot because they were so hostile, I was shaking by the time I finished up and no I didnt drop anything, squish anyone (that I know of), smoker worked fine. I had to go back in two weeks later- cos I had 2 frames touching at the bottom and they were nice as pie again. I assume now that it was because they had superseded their Queen and either she wasnt laying or had only just started, so no open brood. This last winter, I made a wrong choice in leaving them with just the strips under the hive and doing the odd OAV over winter with the result that although things looked okay at the entrance, they werent doing well. Dan came over to help me out and put in an Apivar strip with a mite drop of 180 over the next week and pretty much nothing since then even with OAV treatments being done. So how bad was it? two inches of sad looking brood on each side of one seam. How is it now? as I said, 29 frames, not all fully built out but also with a couple of really fat comb. Why do I let them do the fat comb- cos I dont have ready built out frames of comb to pop in and when I see there may be a problem with the Queen having nowhere to lay, i widen the spacing which makes the bees move the nectar to those frames that they also fatten to get the bee space they love so much.
  9. mischief

    Autumn feeding strategy

    Once again Alistair, you shoot yourself in the foot. I said I did not take any off them in their first year....remember that one- alot of newbies lost their hive/s during the summer dearth. To remind you, I got the hive on the 1st of Jan 2017, just in time for the dearth. I was not one of those who said they got no honey from their hives last season. On the contrary, My Xmas presents to family, friends and my new neighbour, was comb honey and jarred chunk honey. My small newbie hive gave me 7 seriously fat frames (deeps) harvested before Xmas, along with the 5 frames that went into the freezer to make room in the hive. Those came out in Jan/feb. Along with the four frames that they didnt use over winter and yes, probably cos I didnt manage them properly over that time frame,but.....guess what?... Still alive and going strong...two years and zero loses. This year, nope, I took nothing. I could have taken 4 but havent, I will probably have to remove some to make room between now and winter, but they will have to go in the freezer.
  10. mischief

    Autumn feeding strategy

    No Alistair and shame on you for posting that. Go back and read it again. What I said and have been saying is that after all this time there should no longer be such a problem as Varroa and that I felt there was something very wrong with having to treat any lifeform JUST to keep it alive. Thee are many people who categorically state that they do not treat and have not for some time- Auntie Google is your friend too. If they can get things right in their location, so can we.
  11. mischief

    Autumn feeding strategy

    My Varroa management? According to the bees, very well. Bounced back from the brink to having almost a full house. I suppose, as it is a 30 frame long hive with a mix of 29 narrow frames and normal ones and still room for at least another 4-5, they are doing really well. Time, as always will tell.
  12. mischief

    Autumn feeding strategy

    Sorry once again I am absolutely gobsmacked!!!! And we wonder why we have such a problem with AFB- which according to our local expert- its a stress and or beek related disease. The problem is with you lot....Greed.
  13. mischief

    Autumn feeding strategy

    Sorry,....just shaking my head in disbelief.....Your bees cant feed themselves? Am I the only one who thinks this sort of thing is seriously crazy????
  14. mischief

    Herbicide contamination

    I think its called Interceptor. It does work, but I thought it really stunk, so i didnt buy any more.....just hand weed.
  15. mischief

    AFB checks

    Time to take your computer to the doctor and stop all those nasty automatic updates.