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  1. I'm pretty sure it wasnt the Apilife that caused my Bay tree, Grape vine and Runner beans by the hive to all of a sudden start dying shortly after I was seeing dead and dying bees all around the hive, along the path and even down in the courtyard below the hive. The part of the grape vine on the other side of the shed is still green. The only part of the Bay tree that has started to green up again, is a small lower branch that look like they had been protected by the upper ones. I dont use two treatments at the same time so hadnt used the OAV. Inexperience definitely doesnt help
  2. So there is a co-op....it gets confusing when i also read that buyers havent got hold of producers leaving them stuck with full drum loads in their store rooms. Makes it seem like you have to do your own selling.
  3. Wrong....sorry. Markets are there, always. People buy....always. You guys have never had a co-op, you have never been a consolidated body looking after the interests of both the producer and the end buyer but have been at the mercy of those who have taken advantage of both. if your market Has been based on false or misleading products then shame on you for letting this get so out of hand. I dont think that is actually the case. Something has changed. You all know it, just dont know exactly what is going on. Worst case scenario is the 'market', such as it is, and it is not just about Manuka honey, is about to be opened up to overseas/chinese and lesser quality products. What are you going to do about it. Cut each others throats like you have been doing or consolidate and find a solution that benefits everybody?
  4. Hi, just wondering how things are going for you. I have had a mixed bag of a year with minimal/negligible mite counts even after doing Apilife and OAV treatments ,which has made me feel quietly excited..... but then had a probable case of deliberate poisoning, which has set the hive back but not necessarily killed it. time will tell, but so far it looks good.
  5. umm, ####ty human nature, oops I mean basic human nature.
  6. I think you commercial guys should seriously consider this(Co-op). Might be like a bag of fighting cats until you reach a consensus but if you wait for something else to look after your interests....good luck.
  7. I noticed more moisture in the hive after I started using plastic frames. I'm wondering if this somehow makes a difference. Does wood frames somehow absorb more moisture?
  8. Sounds like my Black Hamburg grape.You need to leave it til the fruit are completely black with no hint of red and they sort of look dull rather than shiny, otherwise, they taste sour. once they look dull, they are incredibly sweet.
  9. Hi Markypoo, Just wondered how your educational SC trial went.
  10. Have to say , when I first read the title of this thread I thought it would be of interest....but no. Natural beekeeping....unfortunately it just came across as click bait. I kept thinking about this and you know what? What I do, I think is natural beekeeping. Somebody who suddenly discovers that after all these years, they can finally have a hive within their physical capabilities. They decide to plant trees and shrubs and the little plants modern gardeners scorn. Then one day they realise that maybe they should actually get a hive rather than just dream about it. And then they do. Its simply a natural progression. The desire to have a hive that is in tune with its environment, the ebb and flow of the seasons...not too big and not too small... After all its a natural assumption that all living beings would exists as god made them if only they were given the chance to be as they should. A good home, clean water, organic- (pity we even need to add that bit) food, fresh air and lots of sunshine in summer....a nice cold winter, but not too cold nor too long. Its a natural progression from desire to actuality.... then along comes reality. I remember a Greek blessing..'.may you enjoy all that life has to offer, all the laughter and the tears, all the sorrows and the joys.' However, I'm not too sure there is anything natural about Varroa.
  11. I did. I recently harvested 3 combs, fully cognizant of the risks and knowing that tutu is in my general area. I say general area because I know for a fact that it is growing on a farm just outside my town.According to the map, its outside of my bees forage area, but i am also aware that there may be plants growing closer that I dont know about. Why? I needed to remove the combs and I only currently use 2 teaspoons of honey per day in my morning coffee. I did check up on what the side effects were and decided to take the risk for myself. I wont and dont allow any one else to eat it because it was collected after the cut off date. I have been monitoring myself for side effects over the last month and have not experienced any adverse affects. Do I recommend this to anyone else- no.
  12. We've had some serious winds over the last couple of days resulting in my Louisa Plums getting smashed onto the ground. Now the bees are all over them.
  13. Are you talking about paper wasps or german wasps? From person experience, paper wasps do not survive on their nest....they do that in my woodshed.
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