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  1. This was a larger project than mine which includes data on the same pathogen I was looking at Lotmaria passim along with nosemas. I was very lucky to meet with Dr Richard Hall while I was studing and see the lab the work was completed in
  2. Hope to meet more of the beekeepers involved with my Lotmaria research project while in Blenheim for the conference. This is my first visit to the mainland, shameful I know! You'll find me at the science talks on Monday and I'm sure I'll be easily spotted in the dnature team green shirt. Have completed my MSc so will post a link and some information after conference.
  3. Hey hope to meet you there, I've got time off writing thesis to go learn more about bees!
  4. MPI is also running a 3 year pathogen project which will yield lots of data specific to NZ. Its always nice to have local data rather than relying on research being done overseas ?
  5. Hi Alistair So far my research samples (Nov 2016) indicate that in New Zealand Nosema apis is detected more often than Nosema ceranae. In some cases samples had no N.ceranae detected and these were from the lower and central North Island. Still lots of factors to take into account especially as N. ceranae is relatively new to Apis mellifera and the host-parasite relationship is still developing. But other factors such as feed, environment and other pathogens in the hive can also play a role .... in the year-long samples I am seeing lots of changes in pathogens overtime.
  6. TammyW


    Heya Yep I'm at dnature and we do pathogen and virus on honey bees among other things check it all out our new facebook The website has all the testing we have available ....https://www.dnature.co.nz/testing/
  7. For any followers still out there I have posted a copy of the slides and information I presented on the project at Apiculture conference on this thread
  8. So these are the slides along with my notes. Also a map with the snapshot data - each set of pillars represents a bee sample (for example there are two in Wellington) where there is no pillar just a square there was nothing detected, you can see this for Nosema ceranae in the lower North Island especially. Please remember these are only preliminary results, I have to analyse these on my next visit to Wellington. Apiculture presentation - PDF.pdf Maps - Lotmaria & Nosema.pdf
  9. Very much so! Even worse people who came to my talk in Rotorua got it first hand and could ask questions! Damn questions haha You can still ask questions I'll just have more time to consider my answers ☺
  10. I did have a haircut! Will post my slides up tomorrow ...when I find them. Have already shared with my year long beeks.
  11. Saw my name in a heading and had to come check it out! I have been keeping in contact with the year long beekeepers and they have kindly just collected the 7th of ten samples for the year. I recently presented some of my initial findings at the Apiculture conference in Rotorua and was very happy to meet some of the beekeepers who have been supporting the research. Now I'm at the stage of having to write my thesis and I must say that is a lot harder than doing the science part, but I am learning all the time. I had planned to post some of my presentation slides here ..... can
  12. Oh and @JohnF is talking honey bee viruses at 9.15 this morning
  13. Thanks for your support @Bron and @Daley and for all the other beeks I was able to meet awesome to see you in real life. I have a reminder in my phone for 12 so will see you all quick before heading back to Gisborne
  14. Hi all, just to let you know I will be at the apiculture conference in Rotorua this year with dnature diagnostics so stop by the booth and say hello. I'll also be presenting on the research project on Monday afternoon so if you are interested come along and lend me some support :eek::geek::whistle::bee:
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