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  1. To my knowledge, no-one knows the mode of action of the organic acids. My concern is that as they are all organic acids (formic, oxalic, citric, acetic), they may all have the same mode of action. So while BKs alternate between say formic and oxalic (with maybe citric thrown in) they're still hitting the same nail but just with different sized hammers. If resistance is going to develop it'll more likely be against one of the weaker acids and then we'll loose the use of the stronger acids.
  2. No feed - left them with some stores when the queen cell went in. Bayvarol went in mid Sept, and 1 strip went into the nuc when it was split from the hive. sugar shake after 2 weeks of strips = 0 mites in 1/2 bees (before treatment >30). Nucs are not far from the hospital in Nelson. I have these 2 nucs and 2 other hives on site, and there is someone elses hive about 20m away. All the others seem fine (i.e. no pile of bees on outside or bee squirts on hive), which made me wonder if poisoning would really only get one hive?
  3. Apart from a bit of rain on monday and mid last week they haven't been locked up since the queen cell went in a month ago. I thought nosema bee poo was smaller streaks? Some capping chewed but think the ants might have done some of that. Only 1 or 2 bees head first in the comb in the hive. I didn't notice wax on the floor but there might have been - but there were lots of dead bees. The other thing I forgot to mention is that I found a couple of black young larvae still in the c shape. Would this happen to chilled brood?
  4. Hi Wanting a second (or more) opinion on my mating nuc - was this robbed out or maybe sprayed/poisoned? Queen cell went in on 12 Oct, and I was going to inspect the queen next week, but I got a PXT from the property owner last night (the clear picture below). So I went and had a look, one mating nuc is fine, but the other is empty - with dead bees all around and inside the nuc box. There is no honey in the hive, only pollen and brood (seems the queen mated...). No obvious sign of AFB tho the ants were in helping themselves to free protein, making it hard to be sure. I h
  5. The more I think about it the more I like this option - bit concerned about the potential of AFB as its sounds like theres been many years of swarms going in and dying out...
  6. Just got a call about a swarm that has moved into a cavity in an old willow tree. The cavity has old comb from last years swarm which I guess is what attracted them in. I can't see very far into the cavity, but looks quite deep. I was thinking of trying to trap them out hose, one way valve style, but was wondering if there are any other options. Also the lady is keen to stop them coming back - any ideas (was thinking expanding foam)? Thanks!
  7. Saw them on there but that's not as much fun. Followed a swarm through Richmond on Thursday but lost track of it behind some houses. Went door knocking but no luck
  8. Didn't know that. Didn't go to site just got a call - all sounded too difficult. Steep roof, dealing with landlord not tenant, and secondhand info etc. Sounded like they'd only just arrived so I suggested burning a piece of newspaper at a time to smoke them out - but did get me thinking whether anyone had found a way to capture them... Hoping the next call is an easy catch...
  9. Any tips on how to get a swarm out of a chimney (freestanding fireplace)? Got a call today, but I don't have a vacuum...
  10. Maybe this pic will work...
  11. Hi Just got home from the local brewery to find this happening. Its drizzling here, and there are a few hanging out underneath the hive, and festooning on the front. Have they tried to swarm, or is is robbing? Its a 3 box hive - 2 brood, 1 honey super (~2/3 capped). [ATTACH=full]17331[/ATTACH]
  12. So I heard that the swarm I missed by 20 mins last weekend has moved into a wood pile. Any suggestions on how to remove them without a bee vacuum?
  13. I treated them with oxalic on Monday evening, as I don't have any MAQS or formic acid. Will do that for 2 more weeks and fingers crossed its all good. Planning to use formic as an autumn treatment on my hives.
  14. Found a swarm about 10 meters from where I put the hive yesterday - think the ######s swarmed on me.... didn't see any queen cells when I inspected the hive tho. Either that or its a massive coincidence (heres hoping)!
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