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  1. For some people it no doubt would Dennis. I'll be the usher in the ASB theatre tomorrow morning. Far too ugly to put a mugshot up here though For those with poor eyesight, sorry, couldn't find a vivid marker when I really needed one.
  2. Bottom one is my fav too. It's an oldie but a goodie.
  3. Good chance of that. Hit them up for a bumper sticker while you're at it.
  4. Hi Trev, Been flying under the radar for a bit as have been unbelievably busy at work after some major staff changes, and too wiped out to forum after hours. Beekeeping is still working out for me, although I did make a pretty stupid rookie mistake during autumn requeening (left the tab on a queen carrier) Had a rotten run of weather afterwards and didn't get back into the hive for 8 weeks, at which point the queen was still in the carrier but the attendants had all died. That hive is a bit quiet but still ticking along. Have yet to research the effects of confinement on queens but I
  5. It's finally arrived. My apologies to @glynnfor the pain of driving through Blenheim. Just be thankful we have no traffic lights yet as some Blenheim drivers haven't learned how to use roundabouts properly. Hope to see some of the forum crowd over the weekend. I'll be there as one of the local volunteers on all 3 days. Desmo, aka Rod Buckingham
  6. Disagree. Over this side of the hill they get replaced by........... grapes
  7. I have 3 hives and while 2 of them had the regularly timed "drone cull" where they all got thrown out in the cold, my 3rd hive had drones flying in the middle of the day as recently as 2 weeks ago. Coincidentally this hive also has a small patch of worker brood in it while the other 2 are having a break. Apparently some bees just don't follow the rules.
  8. Prices seem to vary quite a bit as far as I've seen (beekeeping under a year so don't assume I'm an expert) If I was in your shoes I'd check out TradeMe to see what the going rate is, and then hold out until the spring buildup so there's a bit of buyer competition and hopefully you could get a better price per hive.
  9. Amen to that. I'm hoping next year is a boom year so you all come to Blenheim. We'll fit you in somewhere I'm sure.
  10. There's a good sized Ti-tree in the neighbour's garden, one of those ornamental red leaved varieties. However, a good sized truck won't fit down my driveway so you'll have to chopper the hives in. :popcorn:
  11. Lol, if I stack you all really carefully I might get 1200 on the new deck eh? No room in the shed
  12. Can't think of anywhere that would fit 1200 people AND be suitable for a conference. Would need to be split off to a couple of different venues. That'll sort your overcrowding fears @yesbut
  13. Would take an awful lot of wind to blow a frame clear out of the box though:eek: Maybe someone was nicking a box and had the girls register a formal complaint:bee: I hope so:mad:
  14. Precedence has been set in Australia. Not too hard for the likes of Countdown to follow their parent company is it?
  15. The powers that be "promised" to take GST off fresh foods after the bugs with introducing GST were ironed out, back at the same time that they "promised" that GST would never rise above 10% They have since said that it would be too difficult to administer. Australia does it. I have old Coles (Aussie supermarket chain) receipts that show $20 dollar purchases with only 40-50c GST, and it shows exactly which items I paid GST on. Back in 2012 that was 2 days of eating pretty well. Without muesli bars and the odd packet of chips I'd have eaten entirely GST free. Oh, food was somewhat cheaper
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